Sonic Adventure 2 Battle or DX?

Now recently I saw on the Xbox marketplace they had Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, so I bought it and played it until I realized it wasn't what I thought I played before. The gameplay had the same exact levels, but was just missing some. It had Pumpkin Hill, but was missing the Emerald Beach (The one with the Orca) and the free-roam township scene. (It had the Water Chaos guy, and Cat) The game I have has all the levels in Adventure 2, but was missing some from DX. Has there ever been like a collision of games. Like Sonic Adventure 2 DX Battle or something? I just hope there's people on here that actually know the game :P

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    Sonic DX is actually the same as Sonic Adventure (Sega Dreamcast) just that giving some extras like Missions and Chao Market, Chao Names. They do not have Angel or Devil Chao on Garden, only if you buy the (angel, dark) fruits and give them to Chao to transform. Animals are less and doesn't have a Ghost type but ONLY SA2(B).

    Only Characters are:

    Sonic, Amy, Tails, Knuckles, Big the Cat, Gamma (Robot) [Metal Sonic] (Unlocks 130 Emblems).

    Sonic Adventure (DX) it has only orca in the game in the first level to the Sonic.

    It has free roam.

    Multiplayer doesn't have. Just Single Player.

    It has Mini Games.

    It has Missions.

    Wins Chao (Adult) Race Emblem to get (every 5 different Medallions get) but it doesn't have Items like SA2.

    You can't change the Theme menu. (unless you hack it or something do)

    The buttons on Sonic DX has very good on Chao Garden. You can attack and grab the chao (with two buttons, it has more care, you don't really worry about it then SA(2))

    It doesn't have Chao school, unless if you give the Chao the animals they will learn.

    From Sonic Adventure and DX is different just jumping in the gameplay and Garden.

    Sonic Adventure is jump like MOON and has different Chao Garden especially Egg Carrier Garden. He was have really deep water and Forest Garden you can fall down off the clif and die. They Different. It doesn't have any name to put the Chao. It doesn't have Black Market. Only animals must get. And are very very different Chao style. (of course it is the first time made the Chao Garden)

    Mostly are fixed and changed in Sonic DX. It has normal jump, Chao Garden are simple and you can't die on Chao Garden in the water or fall of the cliff. It has name of the Chao. It has Black Market that you can buy stuff. Chao are fixed and more taken by Sonic Adventure 2 (Battle) but it has some changes.


    Sonic Adventure 2 [Battle] is on (Sega Dreamcast, Battle is for Gamecube) it has normal like old ones just that is have more then DX. It has Chao Market, Chao names, Chao School (it's about learning sing and more), Internet connection to buy more Chao eggs and stuffs. You can combine Dark and Hero to pet it different Chao (Hero, Dark,) and Types (Ghost, Swim, Power, Fly,...)

    It has more animals then Sonic DX like Ghost, etc..

    Characters are:

    HERO: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles (Amy, Netrual Chao, Tikal are only in Battle to unlock)

    DARK: Shadow, Eggman, Rouge (Metal Sonic, Dark Chao, Chaos are only in Battle to unlock)

    He doesn't have free roam, just select the levels and Chao Garden.

    He has Multiplayer to play 2 players against it Race (Kart), Search Emerald and Battle robots.

    Unlock the Special Green Hill Zone.(with all emblems)

    It has more Missions and Challenges.

    Chao Garden has Karate, Racing, and more Items like (TV,Trumpet, ball, tree seed,etc..)

    You can Change the Theme and Backround in Menu (if you collect all emblems you get Maria Theme and voice too)

    It doesn't have Mini Games.

    Battle doesn't have Big the Cat, original SA2 has.

    Battle you can't attack the Chao, only trow it. (SA2 has Spin attack and trow it in same button and you must be very carefully. Sonic DX has fixed and better controls with 2 buttons)

    Sonic Adventure 2 Battle is actually just fixed (music, gameplay, graphics and translate) and no internet. Only Sonic Adventure 2 has. (Sega Dreamcast was the first video console it has internet on 19.9.1999)

    Sonic Adventure (DX) and 2 (Battle) are not the same. (but it continues the Modern Sonic Adventures)


    I have Sonic DX on PC.

    I played Sonic Adventure 2 (Battle) and Sonic Adventure (on emulator).

    So I know those the differents.

    I can't wait to come in Sonic Adventure 2 HD on PS3 and XBOX 360. ^__^ (I want to see really difference about it in the gameplay)

    Source(s): Experience and knowledge (and I play it those games)
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    Sonic Adventure Dx Metal Sonic

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    6 years ago

    I'd say definitely Sonic Adventure 2,

    Even through that you can't have a Hub world like Sonic Adventure.

    The most improved is the levels and the Multiplayer, what SADX never had. Only on Dreamcast, playing coop during Single Player.

    I'd say SAB2 for PC/XBOX/PS3.

    Sonic Adventure is for those who wants to start to play a Sonic the Hedgehog 3D Game.

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    Having played both, I just found Sonic Adventure DX to be a much more fun game. It just felt like the levels were better designed (though there were fewer of them).

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    well, if i am not mistaken, you must have only the SA2. Cause, when SA2 came out, it was for Dreamcast originally. SA2B was for the gamecube, and infact had more levels. So, maybe you only have SA2, and the batlle version is a DLC expansion. 3 dollars. well worth it. cause i love SA2B

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