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Steam boiler problem.?

I started my boiler today in preperation for the winter. Everything went fine, the gas parts all fired right up and the radiators begin to heat but I noticed my sight glass had no water in it and when I opened the drain valve no water came out. I obviosly checked and made sure the water valve was opened to the system but still no water. I then took off a valve that was about six inches below the water valve. This is what I presume to be some type of pressure regulator because its a solenoid and I remember hearing it open and close last year. Anyway, I took that apart, cleaned it and put it back on and presto, the water flowed through the boiler and I thought the problem was fixed. Well after about 15 mins. I heard water gushing in the basement so I went down and water was pouring from another valve, like an overflow valve. The system built up too much water pressure Im assuming and that was the result. My question is why did this happen? I thought I always left open the water valve and the regulator just below it would add water as needed. Could that valve be bad and need replaced? Any other opinions. And also my pressure gauge doesnt seem to work so I have no idea how much pressure is built up in the system... Any recomendations?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Steam boilers do not fill by a pressure amount. They have a NOWL mark at the normal operating water level. It is maintained by a mechanical float, or an electronic sensor, to maintain proper water level. Never Ever add water to a hot steam boiler that is low on water, it can cause an explosion, at the very least it can ruin your boiler. Find the manufacturer online and see what manuals they have to explain it's operation. I would suggest you find a qualified service person to correct the problem.

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  • 4 years ago

    If that is really a steam boiler, and the boiler itself develop into replaced, all the steam traps ought to were replaced mutually. this can reason an over stress of the gadget. also there are traps in the go back strains back to the boiler, in the experience that they are plugged ought to reason water to back up in gadget. yet another merchandise to envision is your steam controller, is it operating genuine holding the boiler on the most perfect stress?

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  • 8 years ago

    Solenoid valve is defective, most likely. Call a boiler tech and get everything checked out.

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