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Travelling with a cat first time?

I have to drive 2400 miles with my cat. I have travelled with my dogs over the years, but never with a cat. I am concerned about how to go about breaks (so he doesn't escape), how much to feed, water and when. I have only taken him into the car on vet visits. Any suggestions? Has anyone done this?

Thank you for your responses.

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    If you want to give him breaks to walk and stretch his legs, I would say try a harness with leash. Get him used to it before you leave. You can also get a bigger crate and put a small pan with litter just in case he has to use it. I would suggest not letting him out while you're driving!

    Good luck!

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    Try making your cat as comfortable as possible! Try putting blankets or maybe some of his/her favorite toys into the carrier. It's a good idea to give our cat water just make sure if you are giving your cat food she/he doesn't throw up. If you see your cat struggling or maybe you think it is the right time for your cat to go to the bathroom than you might might to stop at a forest or something that you think might work so that your cat can be comfortable with. Just make sure you go with your cat so that she/he doesn't wonder off. If you are in a plane than you should buy those pads for dogs(they work for cats too) that are for peeing and pooping. You can find them at Petco or at your local pet shop. They should be in a dog section. If you don't find them then the worker should know.

    Good luck!

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    First thing first is to make sure you microchip your cat and have all current info. Get your cat used to wearing harness, so you can let her out of the car to stretch her legs. Buy one of those disposable pads (also used at home while training puppies) just in case she needs to pee or poo. Same amount of food that you give, cut that in half, one in the morning and one at night. Use water bowl with grip so it does not slide around and don't put too much water.

    Same with previous post. Larger crate to put one of those disposable cat litter.

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    Take some catnip for him, it'll make the journey much more peaceful for you both.

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