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When rightists say "Obama failed," do they mean he didn't fix 8 disastrous years of Bush?

Bush dug the US into the deepest economic hole in 80 years. Since that time Obama has presided over a net increase in jobs (I believe its 38 months of consecutive job growth now). Plus, Obama stopped over 4 million jobs from leaving the country.

Illegal immigration is at a negative now, meaning more illegals are leaving America than coming.

Gun laws are looser.

The financial sector has been reformed.

UBL is dead and GM is alive.

And he's done all this while presiding over the second lowest growth in federal spending.

How exactly did Obama fail? By not fixing every mistake the Bush admin made in 8 years? That's the wrong measure, and America knows it.

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    He hasn't failed to me. There is still much more he can do. I just don't understand why republicans don't just work with the man. He wants to close loopholes and lower the corporate tax rate. Let's see them work with the president. Obama 2012

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    I wasn't aware that all 8 of the Bush years were a disaster.

    The first six years, unemployment never exceeded 6.3%. Then the Democrats took over both houses of Congress in early 2007. In those two years, the Democratic congress caused the unemployment rate by over 3%. So place blame where it belongs.

    Illegal immigration is at a negative, because Mexicans can get a better life in Mexico than in the US. Not really something to be bragging about.

    The financial sector has been reformed. I guess that's why banks aren't loaning out any money to stimulate economy.

    It's OBL, not UBL. But Obama had nothing to do with it. He was in the United States at the time.

    GM would still be alive. Just like Ford is alive and it didn't get any help.

    And I'd like to see where you got the second lowest growth in federal spending.

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    It's definitely true Bush raised the national debt, no doubt, but he had reasons, Afghan War, 9/11, terrorism, at least he had a reason, what has Obama done nothing except raise the national debt more he's worse than Bush. -

    Moving jobs across sea

    National Healthcare

    Useless Spending

    No Balanced Checking

    Bush probably could have spent way less, but at least he had reasons

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    If you are really so deluded you can not see that whatever Bush did wrong, Obama had made it worse, there is no point in explaining it to you. Just one item, if there have been 38 months of job growth, why is the unemployment rate today higher that it was when he took office. Official rate 7 7/8%, actual rate 15%.

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    The millions of illegal aliens account for more labor lost then a tenth of the jobs we've outsourced, and Obama is trying to regulate laws against punishing them. Plus, he's introduced laws to allow them to stay and receive work permits. According to LA Law Enforcement, "[S]security is being compromised as the government seeks to keep a lid on the border as a campaign issue during the presidential election cycle. Department of Homeland Security’s Border Patrol agents and Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers are being told not to make arrests of noncriminal illegal immigrants, and not to patrol areas of high traffic along the roughly 2,000-mile Southwest border."

    Furthermore, The Pew Hispanic Center used data supplied by the Obama Administration.

    Gun laws? Obama claimed executive privilege over the information concerning Fast and Furious, which left thirty dead including three US Border Patrol. He claims his policies are against fire arms, but according to Business Insider, "Despite the perception that Mr. Obama is anti-gun rights (gun shop owners say fear of his policies drives strong gun sales), he has repeatedly reaffirmed the right to bear arms. Indeed, the only gun-control laws he has signed as president have been to expand gun rights – allowing guns on national park lands and Amtrak trains. He also said this year that “hunting and shooting are part of a cherished national heritage.”

    (Read more:

    Any person ~ man, woman or child ~ would have made the Usama Bin Laden call. Obama enjoys pretending that was his idea, but in the beginning, Obama complained about the very mention of Bin Laden by Hillary Clinton, saying no one should use the situation for "political points". Have you noticed how he gives no credit at all to Seal Team 6 and Military Command? As for taking so long to find him? Obama was the Chairman in charge of that.

    Obama talks about the auto bailout frequently, because it’s one of the few things in his record that gets positive responses in the polls.

    Second lowest growth rate? Surely you know he's talking about his increase in spending over his increase in spending. He figures he doesn't need to mention that his budget was 10% higher than Bush's, and if he counts repayment of bailout money as a spending cut, he only had a 1.4% increase above that original increase. He's talking about increase in spending during his own term in office. You couldn't possibly believe that someone who raised the debt ceiling, ruined our national credit rating, and spent an additional $1.7 trillion dollars spent less than other presidents for the last sixty years, could you?

    How exactly did Obama fail? He didn't fix anything, but he lied to everyone that Bush made things so bad that he COULDN'T keep his promises. We all grew tired of him blaming Bush and the Republicans about six months into his presidency, and they continue to be his excuse.

    When Bush was in office, Senator Obama tried two different investigations, one by the Federal Trade Commission and a second by the Department of Justice that were pointed at Bush for not bringing oil prices down. He claimed that the President could simply stand up to "Big Oil" and put a price cap them. He also told McCain, "The war is over. Why can't he bring the troops home today, right now?"

    Obama is a sack of dung.

    His lies and manipulations are incredible, and Liberals just eat them up.

    Quit blaming Bush; Obama is a moron. He doesn't have what it takes to run a country, and he lies, complains, and blames everyone for the poor job he's done. By the way, his White House parties and concerts are unrivaled by any former President, and he also managed to beat his predecessors at time on the golf course ~ all on tax payer money.

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    Give any moron a trillion dollars and he should be able to temporarily fix anything.

    the GM bailout only benefitted the Unions. Stockholders and salleried employees lost big.

    Bush was dumb but Obama is dangerous.

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    The U.S. had 7 really good years then we got a democratic congress. Then we got Obama. The rest is history and depression and failure and blaming Bush.

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    Their vocabulary and knowledge is limited, just like a parrot, they repeat what they hear on the Fox Entertainment News.

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    No. It simply means that he's managed to do in 3 and 3/4 years what other Presidents haven't succeeded in doing over the course of centuries.

    Our grandchildren will never be able to pay the debt that idiot has run up.

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    Obama's main promise to the people was to cut the deficit in half. Instead he tripled it. That is the biggest failure of any president in history.

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