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1. How to manage thoughts and be positive always to be happy in this competitive world.?

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  • Eeshu answered 2 years ago
Yes, you can manage your thoughts, change your beliefs, know to control thoughts also can understand your thoughts. All are possible through THETA HEALING technique. This is the fast growing modality as per the surveys from BBC news and CNN news. Through Theta Healing, you learn how to manage your thoughts, what thoughts can do with our life, how thought manages and controls our life and how to remove or release the negative thoughts and replace only positive thoughts in our body system. GOTO THE BOTTOM OF THE ISSUE, FROM WHERE THESE THOUGHTS ARE COMING (CHILDHOOD DAYS BELIEFS WERE PUT INTO US/ FORMED/ GENETIC MEMORIES/ PAST LIFE OR PRIMITIVE MEMORIES)
I learnt Theta Healing from Mr. SUMANT KANT KAUL from India International Healing Institute in Dubai. This institute is mainly located in New Delhi, India. Also its operational in teaching Theta Healing and Healing Clients Through Theta Healing in UAE (Dubai, Abu dhabi), Lebanon, London, Canada, Philippines, Japan. Mr. Sumant Kaul and His son Mr. Sumeet Kaul are wonderful teachers and teach Theta Healing, Hypnosis, past life regression, Law of Attraction.



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  • Darlene Levenson answered 2 years ago
    First of all, it's impossible for anyone to ALWAYS be happy. It's a natural part of life that there will be people or situations that you disagree with, get angered over, or that even frighten you. If you were always happy, you wouldn't be human. Nothing would bother you, no matter what the result--even if your favorite pet were killed. To always be happy, you'd have to be a robot that can be set in a "happy" mode.

    Also, what thoughts are you talking about? If some of them are about your job, and you don't always like what you're doing, or your boss or co-workers, try to concentrate on the good things that happen there and not think about the bad things. If someone is getting further ahead on the job, instead of being unhappy with that person's achievement, concentrate more on doing better yourself, but mostly be proud of the job you are doing if you are doing good at it. Same if you're talking about school.

    If you're unhappy about all the competition around you, please don't feel that you always have to compete. Just do the best you can, and learn to draw satisfaction from what you achieve instead of constantly berating yourself for not doing better and getting further ahead. Ask yourself if it's really necessary. And don't go so far overboard that you wear yourself down. There will always be someone better at something for all of us. Take a break and enjoy yourself without feeling guilty. And finally, look at nature; the beautiful trees and flowers, and listen to the birds, watch geese as they fly overhead. Last of all, just remember that every time you see someone who seems happy at the moment--well, that same person may be bummed out once they go somewhere else; even home. Mainly, believe in yourself! Hope this helps...
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  • 1. How to manage thoughts and be positive always to be happy in this competitive world.?
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