Gothic Alice in wonderland?

ok so my sister and I are dressing up for Halloween she's going to be a gothic Alice and I'm gonna be kenny for South Park (because more people will know who I am) anyways I need some pictures so I draw a design for her costume oh and were can I get a good wig and orange parka thanks you guys

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  • 8 years ago
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    Check out the Alice from Tim Burton's flick, "Alice/Wonderland." Re: where to buy this stuff; depends on where you live. There are lots of thrift stores near us so it's easy to not only find parkas but the costumes then we redesign them. Target and Walgreens sells Halloween wigs too; and they're not too expensive.

    Good luck!

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  • 8 years ago

    Draw a normal alice in wonderland dress use black and grey silk (or what ever you are going to make it out of) and and some cuts and tears in it!

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  • smoot
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    3 years ago

    that sounds quite sturdy * upload on a thick line of mascara *a sort of knives/axes that sounds like that is been stabbed interior the process the top *messy hair *dark slags below her eyes so she seems drained and fatigued *pink paint on the robe for blood on the white apron *piercings *black lipstick *black wig *do not make the outfit black. all of us says this yet once you coach it to human beings in black, they gained't understand who you're. keep it blue and you'd be known( or possibly upload somewhat black patches over the blue) *attempt and make little tears on the robe - holes - tatty - make the side ridged *sturdy Gothic performing once you bypass trick or treating ( perhaps have a pretend cigarette in you mouth. seem depressed, unhappy face expressions and physique language lol!)

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