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How can I achieve this fitness level?

I need help figuring out what I need to do here..

I'm a thin creature and rather lanky. 6'3 and about 165 lbs.

I want to gain bigger muscles but not just water weight I want to be really ripped and bigger. What type of workouts should I do? I've been told low reps/ high reps.. I'm pretty confused.

And what should I include in my diet?

And should I involve a lot of cardio as well?

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    From a doctor's perspective, you need to start with the inside before you worry about the outside. Exercising is of course the prime method to losing weight, and/or sculpting your muscles around your body. The most prominent muscles, and most attractive of course are abdominal and pectoral. Your abdominal muscles, like most muscles in your body, are covered in a layer of fat, even if you are skinny.

    To start off, you need to situate a diet schedule. The best time to work out is in the morning, and that is also the best time to start off your day with a couple of fruit. Fruit, which contains fructose and glucose, which are readily-accessible sugars, are the most beneficial for exercising. Eat some fruit before exercising, and you'll find yourself able to perform more exercises and have more energy to expend.

    Secondly, exercises. What types of exercises easily and readily sculpt your most prominent muscles? Abdominal muscles to start off with are quite simple. Once you have your diet plan set, you graduate to exercising, and sit ups and crunches are the most effective for sculpting abdominal muscles.

    This video provides the best sit-ups variations I can medically think of:

    Youtube thumbnail

    Standard weight-lifting exercises, all of which you can do at home, will burn that layer of fat over your pectoral muscles, and make them more prominent, start out lifting what you think is appropriate, and a weight that will allow your to do multiple types of arm exercises. Your biceps and triceps are sculpted through weight lifting, as well as push ups. Push ups are the simpler means to achieve this, but effective. To help feed these muscles their much needed energies and fats [ the good kind ], you need to indulge yourself in protein. Rice and chicken are the most protein rich foods you can get. Also, jogging with weights is very effective to, this aids in sculpting pectoral and biceps muscles. Dumbell swings and dumbell liftings are the most appropriate exercises in conjunction with your diet.

    For leg exercises, which will help you appear less lengthy and more stocky, can be done in conjunction with abdominal exercises. You'll notice in the abs work out video I posted earlier many of the exercises involve strenuous leg work outs, these will help and will allow you to multi-task work out. Cycling and an elliptical at your local gym, or at home, is key to molding thighs and calves into muscular sculptures.

    It sounds like alot, but it is very simple, and simple devotion to this plan will get you to your body you desire in no time.

    I hope this helps, sincerely,

    Dr. L.

    Source(s): I am a surgeon.
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