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Will the Jacksonville Faggguars move to LA for the 2014 season?



"The Jaguars are playing 2 games in London this year and are most likely moving to London in a few years."

NO one is moving to london. Sure its a big market but that would put the team at a huge disadvantage on the road. Half of there games they'd have to play severely jet lagged. Travel schedules for teams that played london and played in london would be crazy. LA gets a team not the Limeys!

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    It's Likely However Instead of Using The Memorial Stadium or Rose Bowl

    I Believe Since it'll Be at The Beginning of The 2014 Season I Say Let The Los Angeles Jags Use Candlestick Park in San Francisco Until Farmers Field @ L.A. Live is Completed in 2016

    (if Its is Negotiated By 2013)

    Id Rather See The Vikes in L.A. But There Deadset on Playing in The Twin Cities

    But if JAX Moves Then There Will Be Only a Minor Realignment

    Kansas City Would No Longer Be in The AFC West Theyd Be in The South and Vise Versa for The Jags

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    The Jaguars are playing 2 games in London this year and are most likely moving to London in a few years.

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    No they won't. Even though they seem most likely, they have a lease to their stadium for a few years. The people who built the LA stadium did say the teams they have talked to and are continuing to talk to- Chargers, Raiders, Rams, Bills, Jags. Experts speculate that the most likely is the Chargers, as they continue to black out in games and San Diego won't built them a new stadium.

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    Don't kid yourself about London, the NFL will be "globalized" by 2020, and London is the first piece of that puzzle, you may see a team there before LA, there are allot more advantages for having one there than in LA, just for TV revenues alone.

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