What is the job opportunity for someone with a Master's in Bioinformatics and an MBA?

I'm a recent college grad, with a bachelor's in biological sciences and a minor in chem. I'm interested in going to grad school and I was considering a Master's in bioinformatics along with an MBA. Will this offer a lot of job opportunity or is it not worth the time and money?

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  • Dan
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    7 years ago
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    If you work for a company that will cover some of the cost for your continuing education in an MBA program (or continuing education in anything), and if you're able to make the time, it would be a shame not to take them up on it.

    On the other hand, if you have to pay the full cost yourself, you have to weigh the cost against what you think you will get. Personally I did an MBA part-time, mostly because I decided that instead of having a mid-life crisis I could do some mid-life career maintenance. It was a lot of work, but even with the first classes I had insights that I could apply to my job as I learned them. My goal was to become better at what I already do, and I do think it has helped me in that respect. Even if you stay in the same job, you become more effective with skills you pick up in the program. During a round of lay-offs a few years ago, it was well seen that I was in school to improve myself, so it even helped me survive the lay-offs.

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