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Changing gender roles? What to do about it?

Hi all,

I'm sure a majority of people would agree with me that gender roles are changing. What factors contribute to this?

Is it men eating soy? Women emasculating men? Humiliating them? The media frowning upon masculinity? I'm downright pissed off at these feminist pieces of trash! Just the other day I heard that a man had to dress up like a woman for a job interview to get a job.

Arrghhh I thought I'd vent my frustrations on this site. Off to lift weights now and eat some steak.

Hope everybody had a good Sunday off.

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    Yes, i think that as women become more powerful men must change to conform to what women want.

    I think that a lot of men like you are finding it difficult adjusting to this new state of affairs.

  • Sophie
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    7 years ago

    I think you must be the first guy to ever vent his frustrations on this site!

    Gender roles are changing because society is changing more broadly. Changes in the economy, the political system and religiosity all contribute for it. Come on now, though, there's no reason to be down about. Surely you don't need a rigid patriarchal system artificially propping you up as a man in order to be successful, right?

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    Just the other day I heard of a study in which they sent identical job applications to science professors with male and female names and there was a strong bias against the female names. The prejudice is still there. You see how you feel with your one anecdote, imagine how women feel having 1000s of years of them.

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    Move to another planet. You sound like a senile old man who doesn't like change. Get over it or you will be left behind. A lot of guys like you have already been left behind. Unfortunately they all come to yahoo answers to vent their frustations of not being able to find a woman. So sad.

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    stay at homestead dads and the increasing participation of fathers in the lives of their little ones (replacing diapers, making lunches, and so on.) you could also talk about how substantial different and little ones chores have become extra both shared.

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    Depending on your timezone it has been only Saturday.

    Men are still men and women are still women:

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