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PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!?

My dad has rheumatoid arthritis extremely the point of it disfiguring his hands and feet really bad..he takes strong meds for it, but recently things have been going really down hill.He claims his jaw is hurting and cant really eat well..he claimed that sometimes food falls out of his mouth so he will not eat out anymore...Well he came over to visit me and he stopped me and said do my eyes look weird when i look up? I watched him and when he looked up his left eye stayed up but his right starts to go down. Please help me, what is wrong with him? did he have a heart attack or something? he is only 48, im 22, terrified my dad will be dead any day..he refuses to go to the doctor...

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  • 8 years ago
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  • 8 years ago

    Of course he needs to go to a doctor right away but in my research of arthritis rheumatoid arthritis sufferers- as soon as they dumped the coffee from their diet, the arthritis went away. When they began to drink it again, the arthritis returned. Remember that Life is in the blood! You are what you eat. He needs a good intestinal cleanser that will totally cleanse his plumbing- meaning, his intestinal tract, his stomach and his colon. Lots of water and a radical change of diet. There is so much information out there on these topics. Tell your dad that I said for him to do the right thing for his little girl! C'mon dad- just do it!

    Source(s): My own H&W experience.
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  • horam
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    4 years ago

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