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How's my fantasy basketball team?


Deron Williams

Marcus Thornton

J.R Smith

Dirk Nowitzki

Demarcus cousins

Brandon Jennings

Anthony Davis

Ryan Anderson

Glen Davis

Kris Humphries


Raymond Felton

Omer Asik

Shawn Marion (pending waivers)

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    Decent, should be competitive.

    Deron & Dirk are your usual suspects for scoring. Dirk fell off a bit last year, hope he gets his game back together and isn't withering away with age. Cousins is a big time player on a bad team, Jennings is a solid scorer as well. Only time will tell how Anthony Davis will impact the stat-sheet in his rookie year, but the hopes are very high in New Orleans. Anderson, Big Baby, Humphries are all solid big men who will garbage 10pts/10rebs when they play. It's an alright team, but it could definitely be improved in some areas. 7/10

    Good Luck

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