Using Phone Lines as LAN?

We can't use wireless, and we need a way to network computers inside of our house.

The internet comes in via a coax cable that is attached to a modem+router in my basement. I need a way to get internet access to the second floor of the house. Our house is filled with regular phone jacks.

However, our basement was refurbished and for some reason has a RJ45 (ethernet) jack instead. When I pull off a wall plate from one of the jacks upstairs, I see that there a 4 pairs of cables attached in the back. Does this mean I can convert the keystone from RJ11 to RJ45, and then I would be able to get internet from my basement to everywhere there is a phone jack?

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    Yes. Absolutely!

    With telephones, you can use a cable that runs from jack to jack to jack.... For Ethernet, your wires must be just end to end. If the cable for each room has a single cable, where you have a point with many cables end up at one point, you can simply put 8-pin jacks on and use a router/switch at the point where all the cables start.

    If you see that the house is wired with just one 4 pair cable that loops from jack to jack to jack you can still use the wire.

    I assume you would like to keep the telephone working.

    You need a plate with 3 jacks, with one smaller 6-pin 4-connection jack and two 8-pin jacks. The orange and green pairs are cut for orange and green punched down of each 8-pin jacks. The blue and brown wires are not cut, and are punched down on the blue and orange on the 6p4c jack. Once you have done this correctly, each room will have a telephone jack and in and out Ethernet jacks. If not used, connect a short Ethernet cord in the in and out jacks. In rooms that are used, have a small Ethernet Hub, cabled with ports to in and out jacks, with ports available for use in the house.

    E-mail if you need help.

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  • Adrian
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    7 years ago

    If the wire is CAT5 or better, you could possibly re-wire both ends of the cable to RJ45 and use it for Ethernet.

    The issue is, is it CAT5 or better? Can you find both ends of the cable ok?

    Cat5 cable has pairs of wires with a color/white+color scheme for each pair. Colors for a given pair is with green, orange, blue or brown

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    it can work try it cut an Ethernet cable in half and test the phone lines wit it

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