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My breath smells like Marijuana?

I never smoke nor being around people that do. I never enjoyed doing that kind of stuff that most 14 year olds do nowadays (Such as sex, drugs, etc.) Im in Highschool now, most of the kids there smoke Pot, I have friends that do that aswell but I do not engage in after school activities with them, long story short, they're basically School friends that you interact with in the Halls.

Now onto Subject.

I decided to hang out with my friend Phil to the mall, I went to his home and ate some Pizza, joked around until at least 6:30. His Father came home from work by then and took us to the mall. We stayed there until closing time (Around 9-ish.) I ate some Pocky Sticks and half a can of Pringles (The salt and vinegar kind.) We went back to Phil's and stayed for the night, I crashed out on the couch and woke up the next morning, ate more Pizza and went home. By the time I arrived my Mother grew suspicious (Plus angry since I was failing a few classes) and started to give me all these tests to prove I didnt do any drugs yesterday, she smelled my breath and the scent was similar to Marijuana which pretty much freaked me out since I recall never taking a joint yesterday or this morning. Now there are assumptions made that I did do drugs, in my defense I never did. I am inferring that what I ate and its raunchy aftertaste may have portrayed some sort of role in all this ordeal, all I am just wondering is whether or not it is true.

So my question is.. Can the foods that I listed above (Pizza, Pocky Sticks, Salt and Vinegar flavoured Pringles.) Caused some sort of reaction that creates the scent similar to Marijuana? I really need an answer to show some type of evidence.

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    That's a bad place to be Grasshopper. There seems to be two issues here. First, and most important..." failing a few classes" and secondly, it seems your Mom thinks

    she can't trust you. In answer I would say that your mouth could've smelled like King Kong's armpits after the cuisine you enjoyed. And, if Mom is suspicious, who knows what it could smell like to her? The cure is to straighten your act up...high school is a place you don't want to start getting behind. This is your life...prepare for it or be run over by it. Your choice. If you're straight suggest to Mom that the two (or three, if Dad's involved) of you go to the local pharmacy and get a urine sample kit from the druggist. Go home and use it. If you're straight, you nip this all in the bud. If not, be prepared for the s*** to hit the fan. Either way, get your head out of your behind and buckle down at school. Otherwise, you are wasted!!!!

    Source(s): Walgreen's Pharmacy Lifetime of Accumulated Wisdom
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    I think your brain might be playing tricks on you. It's mind over matter. And you want to subcondciously smeel marijuana for whatever reasons so you nose starts to smell it because your brain wants too. Same reason why you can actually taste food before you eat it or just thinking about the taste of something

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    I have never heard of food causing your breath to smell like marijuana.

    If you really want to prove to your mom you didn't do any drugs, take a drug test - I think there are home drug test kits at Walmart or other local pharmacies.

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  • 7 years ago

    Absolutely. Druggie slum

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