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Can you give a description about all the areas in NYC?

For example, maybe give a description of Brooklyn, The Queens, Harlem, Manhattan (I know Harlem is in Manhattan shut up), Staten Island, etc.

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    It would take hours to describe every single neighborhood, lol. Here is a loooong post I made about a week ago for another user. It may be what you're looking for.


    - Lower Manhattan: Home to the financial district/WTC. Many skyscrapers and many new highrise condo's. Not as much nightlife as Midtown. Feels more modern than Midtown.

    {Battery Park, Chinatown, Little Italy}

    - Midtown Manhattan: Many skyscrapers. Home to the vast majority of the skyscrapers. Very expensive. Most of NYC's entertainment, shopping, tourist attractions, clubs and stuff. Upper East Side is known as having the highest concentration of millionaires in the entire planet.

    {Chelsea, Flatiron, Upper East&West Side}

    - Upper Manhattan: Mainly home to working class minorities with an increase of hipsters seeking cheaper real estate. Crime is moderate to high. Home to the Ivy League Columbia University and Harlem's historic African American district. Washington Hts is known for Dominicans. Not as many skyscrapers as the other parts of Manhattan.

    {Harlem, Washington Hts, Inwood}


    - Northwest: A lot of activities, mostly low-rise and mid-rise buildings and some small houses. Very very very diverse area; with a lot of Hispanics towards Corona-Flushing Meadows Park. Some white enclaves. Cool area. Crime can be low to high depending on where you're at. Area is very popular among young adults from other parts of the country.

    {Astoria, Corona, Elmhurst, Long Island City}

    - Southwest: Mostly working class South Asians/Indians and Blacks and middle class white howard beach. Dense suburban type area with a lot of houses close together. Not much too do in terms of activities, long subway ride into Manhattan.

    {Richmond Hill, Ozone Park}

    - Northeast: Somewhat dense suburban area. Mostly middle class East Asians+Whites. Good schools. Crappy subway service. Very beautiful and calm area. The areas near the water are wealthy. Flushing is known for being one of the most East Asian areas in the country.

    {Bayside, Fresh Meadows, Flushing, Murray Hill}

    - Southeast: Dense suburban area: Mostly middle class Blacks (though South Jamaica and Jamaica are lower income, the rest/majority is middle class). Not much shopping/activities. No subway service. Very quiet area and most parts of this region are pretty nice. Low to moderate crime.

    {Cambria Heights, Laurelton, St. Albans, Rosedale, Hollis, Addisleigh Park}

    - The Rockaways: Far Rockaway is mostly low income people in projects while the western parts are very jewish/white and wealthy in big houses. The project parts have very high crime. Very nice, forgotten and quiet beaches. Looooong train ride to Manhattan.

    {Far Rockaway, Rockaway Beach, Neponsit}


    - North Brooklyn: Mostly low-income and working class people. Very high crime rate and a lot of affordable housing. Mostly row houses and projects. Has some decent areas like Canarsie, Prospect Leffert Gardens and a few others. Parts closer to Manhattan have more hipsters seeking cheap real estate (Park Slope for example).

    {Brownsville, East New York, Flatbush, Crown Heights}

    - South Brooklyn: Mostly row houses. A lot of Italians, Jews and now Asians. A lot of activities. Low crime. Known for having good NYC pizza.

    {Bensonhurst, Midwood, Borough Park, Gravesend}


    - South Bronx is a notorious ghetto area. Mostly low income people and immigrants. A lot of low-rise apartment bldgs and projects. This area is mostly Hispanic with a lot of Blacks too, everybody gets along. Home to Hunts Point which is famous for prostitution. Very high crime area. Home to Hip Hop. Also home to Fordham Rd which is the largest shopping district outside of Manhattan.

    {East Tremont, Morissania, Tremont, Mott Haven}

    - Northwest Bronx is the rich white part of the Bronx. Mostly mansions and stuff and very hilly overlooking the Hudson River. Very low crime.

    {Riverdale, Fieldston}

    - Northeast Bronx is mostly houses and most residents are lower middle class blacks. Not as much crime as the South Bronx. Moderate crime and far from Manhattan. Very family area.

    {Williamsbridge, Edanwall}

    - Southeast Bronx is mainly middle class white people in dense suburban type neighborhoods. Low crime. Very calm type area and far from the city.

    {Throgs Neck, Morris Park}

    ***STATEN ISLAND: ***

    - Most of it is very suburban with a lot space. Known for it's italian population. The far nothern parts are pretty rough while the rest has low crime with a lot of houses. The so called "forgotten" part of NYC.

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    I could probably tell you a lot about nyc but I would have to sit here on my computer for like 2 days. Just look it up. I can tell you a small discreption though........................


    It is generaly very big city like and busy if you are a newcomer dont really come here all happy because its not a place you go around vacationing at. Areas arent that bad but you always have to wath your back though there. Very big bourogh not the biggest though.


    If you ever say the queens again I will be tempted to track you down and attack you [lol just kidding] im from THE bronx and i love QUEENS. Just queens though. Anyway Queens is great i love it there it does have a few bad neighborhoods but that is everywhere you go. Queens is really nice in my opinion and my favorite bourough in nyc.

    As you said Harlem is in manhattan so there really isnt much to say about that alone


    The most diverse area in new york.The skyscraper city. Mostly business there not that many people there. Surely you know about 9/11 and manhattan was slowly recovering from that day but now recently is moving on. With the new wtc surpassing the empire state it is really nice to go over the george washington bridge.

    Look this is just a little bit if you wan more you have to look it up. Other answerers i know i didnt say anything about staten island and the bronx but if you want more about the city look it up

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    Brooklyn, Queens (yes the other person IS right, it's "Queens" not "The Queens") and Manhattan are NOT neighborhoods, but boroughs.

    In NYC a borough is a city-sized political unit made up of dozens and dozens of neighborhoods.

    As such, it would be impossible to describe "Brooklyn". There are more then three time more people in Brooklyn than in the entire state of Wyoming!

    Now, if you asked us to describe Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn or Fort Greene, Brooklyn or Sunset Park, Brooklyn or any of at least a dozen more areas of Brooklyn (or Queens, or Manhattan for that matter) one could easily do that.

    I think you need to wrap your head around just how big NYC really is!

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    Manhattan: Fun for everyone. Parts are clean, parts are dirty. Everybody works here. Most tourist attractions are located here, even though some in the other boroughs. Known for its skyline, it also has a great shopping and dining scene. This is NOT the place to move if youre trying to stay on a budget. It has the highest real estate market prices in the world.

    Brooklyn: Mostly brownstone and young people. Lots of families live in Brooklyn Heights, Park Slope, and Bay Ridge. As you can tell, those are the safest areas of Brooklyn. Brooklyn is the most dangerous borough, home to the two worst neighborhoods in NYC, Brownsville and East New York. A lot of young people and hipsters move to Williamsburg, for the best fun ever.

    Queens: The most families in NYC live here. Most families tend to stick to Astoria and Bayside. You will also find many in Flushing. Flushing, Elmhurst, Jamaica, Long Island City, and Far Rockaway are the main divisions. Flushing is home to families, workers and Chinatown, not to forget some great big brand name stores. Elmhurst is mostly adults aged 22-42 Who pay attention to fashion, dining, etc. Jamaica is filled with families, some people refer to it as the Harlem as Queens---just not as dangerous. Long Island City is home to young adults looking for a good time. Families also live north of here, in the area of Astoria. High crime, but lots of fun and nightlife. Far Rockaway has one of the highest crime rates in NYC. West of it you find Rockaway Park, a much safer area that families choose to reside in.

    The Bronx- All I know is that families choose to live in Riverdale, because the rest of it is crime infested.

    Staten Island- Mostly families. Home to the Staten Island Mall, and other big brand named stores in the heartland village. The area of St. George is known for crime. Nobody works here, so that means a long commute to Manhattan.

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    All expennnsive. Expect $50 hour parking all the time. Staten Island- don't go. There's nothing there except home of the world's largest landfill.

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    I am sure that there are plenty of articles available on the Internet with this information. And it is "Queens", not "The Queens".

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    No - that would take too long. Try using Google or Yahoo searches [or even Wikipedia] and look it up for yourself.

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    That's a tall order. Just read this:

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