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Will apple take over the world like sky net did in terminator.?

Could that happen more and more of there products are getting into are society and they are getting more intelligent.

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    Ultimately, ..., not but you've pointed to a disturbing trend in the computer science market and that is to ownership. The shift to cloud computing takes ownership away from the individual and puts it squarely in those who own the cloud. He who owns the cloud owns humanity's ability to compute. If you control the ability to compute you control the ability to produce and consume Since life is demonstrated by it's ability to produce and consume you now own life. Yeah, so at that point we start sounding a little more like Sky Net and Big Brother.

    What's really cool about this whole deception is you think you own what you purchase! You think you own the iPhone you just bought but you don't sure you paid money for it ad all of your personal stuff is on it. but the Cell companies and Apple own the Data and Apple owns the device. If they wanted to shut it down they could. So could Google and Blackberry. Any d your books!? They're not your books they're Amazon's books which they keep conveniently for you in the cloud. If there's ever an issue that can reach into the cloud or all the way into your kindle (yes even the venerable kindle I) and erase if need be.

    So yeah we're getting there. Once there is no more printed material or separately owned media like CD's and DVD's the control will be absolute.

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  • I find the whole idea that computers can gain intelligence and self-awareness to be ridiculous. We haven't made any computer yet that is more intelligent than a grasshopper by some standards, a bacteria by others. Nature took 3 and a half billion years to design something as complex as the brains of modern animals. Computers follow instructions, that is all. Even a heuristic learning computer just follows instructions. Real evolution involves a random and mostly destructive process that results in rare exceptions to that rule.

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  • John W
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    7 years ago

    Be nice to Siri...

    It's market forces not domination, we could stop buying the products and in many cases I wish we would even though I've always liked Apple.

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  • Iain
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    7 years ago

    Anything that smart invented by Apple would likely start by taking over Apple.... (and this would be better asked in te technology area...)

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    yes, just by using "take over the world" app.

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