How many of you can tell me who Wayne Winsley is?

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    Wayne Winsley’s story begins back in 1878 with the birth of Andrew Winsley, the first Winsley man to be born a free U.S. citizen. Andrew Winsley was a husband and a father to eight children, and he was educated enough to read and write. He was also a farmer, first on land he rented, but by the time he died, he was farming land that he owned. For a black man in turn-of-the-century Twiggs County, Georgia, this was no mean feat. It took courage, determination, and an ironclad work ethic.

    Andrew passed those traits down to his daughter, Rachel Winsley. After raising two children of her own and working through World War II in a munitions factory in Cleveland Ohio, Rachel took on the task of raising her great -grandson Wayne Winsley, and instilled those same core values and beliefs into him.

    Wayne was born in Cleveland, Ohio, on August 13, 1963. His early childhood was spent in the Garden Valley Housing Projects and some of the poorest neighborhoods in the city.

    When Wayne was thirteen, his great-grandmother could no longer care for him due to her advanced age and poor health. He was placed in an orphanage, the Bessie Benner- Metzenbaum Children’s Center, and later in Boy’s Town.

    Despite facing poverty and adversity, Wayne developed the belief that “I’m not average.”

    Wayne knew that he was destined rise above all challenges to do something great. His earliest dream was to one day walk into a library and see a book on the shelves that he had written. He has held fast to that dream and never let it go.

    Wayne served in the United States Navy, achieving the naval rank of Petty Officer. During his enlistment, Wayne was trained as a jet engine mechanic, military police officer, and special weapons handler.

    Wayne has had a successful career as a private investigator.

    Wayne is also a veteran broadcaster who has been heard on the radio throughout Connecticut for over twenty years. For ten of those years, he is a former morning news anchor on 1350AM WNLK/WSTC in Norwalk and WICC 600AM in Bridgeport. For the other ten years, he was the host of his own talk show, The Wayne Winsley Program on WINE 940AM in Danbury.

    In 2003, he took on a more active role in the community when he was elected President of the Danbury chapter of the NAACP.

    Wayne is also an author. His first novel, an FBI thriller entitled The Leprechaun Deception, was published in 2005.

    In 2010, he served as communications director and spokesman for the gubernatorial campaign of Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton and as a Coalition Chairman for the gubernatorial campaign of Candidate Tom Foley.

    Most importantly, Wayne is married to April Dawn Winsley, and has three children, Krystina, Marke, and Sadie.

    Wayne Winsley is not a career politician. He is a citizen with the courage and determination, who stepping forward to do what must be done to get his state and country moving in the right direction again.

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    John Wayne Winsley was an old man that lived around town here, he was homeless and for the life of me I don't understand how a guy like John got to where he is now. He was an ace fighter pilot in the war and had more medals than you could count, when he was in his late 70's I saw him walking down the street with no shoes on his feet and there was 6 inches of snow on the ground. He was walking to a fast food place(I won't say which one)that had told him if he would not come in they would feed him for free and someone would be always watching for him. He did smell really bad and it would have caused people to get up and leave without their meal. John died this past spring and there was only 4 of us at his funeral.

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