appraise shotgun w .richards -------- ------ --- ---- --- ---, ?

what my w richards worth says belguim on side 12gauge,has cast steel written on center bar on top between barrels

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  • bill
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    8 years ago
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    If It doesn't say westley richards, it is a hardware store copy, worth maybe $150 for a wallhanger,, the w richards was an exact copy of the real gun, you could not tell the difference, It would shoot about 100 rnds and become worn out, no heat treating was done to these shotguns. They copied everybody, LC Smith was AC smith, and when you get in a store and don't know the real from the fake, you buy it because it is such a deal. Of course if it was a real westley richards, it would have cost hundreds more. Got one hanging on the wall now.

  • 8 years ago

    * $350.00 Dollars Minimum in Good Used Condition.*...

    Source(s): * Run like a Deer.*................Fly like an Eagle.*~~
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