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What would you name a set of twins?

*there are 8 different 'sets' of twin names listed below, please choose a FIRST and MIDDLE name from each set (2)

*no spelling changes allowed.

*please explain your choices

*randomly generated names!!

1. GG

first; Abrielle, Anberlyn, Jaselyn, Jenalie

middle; Abalena, Auburn, Blythe, Honor.

2. BB

first; Trayton, Kyler, Lucan, Clark

middle; Alec, Becker, Branson, Dixon.

3. BG

first; Jenson, Layton, Lorna, Evalia

middle; Brooklyn, Rowan, Tawny, Hunter.

4. GB

first; Oakley, Lyndon, Savannah, Cierra

middle; June, Jane, Jack, Luke.

5. GG

first; Holly, Molly, Sally, Aly.

middle; Madyson, Adyson, Jade, Piper.

6. BB

first; Weston, Ashton, Preston, Deston.

middle; Elijah, Emerson, Everett, Emanuel.

7. GG

first; Lily, Ivy, Daisy, Calla.

middle; Liberty, Faith, Mercy, Love

8. BB

first; Kingston, Knox, Memphis, Quinlen.

middle; Abram, Chandler, Lyle, Mason.

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  • DeeDee
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    9 years ago
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    1 Abrielle Honor & Jenalie Blythe - I dislike all the first names; I chose the 2 that seemed the least made-up. Blythe is gorgeous, and Honor isn't bad (though I much prefer Honora)

    2. Lucan Alec & Clark Branson - Clark is nice. The other first names are too trendy, but Lucan is at least close to Lucian. Alec is great. Chose Branson as it flowed better than the other options.

    3. Jenson Rowan (B) & Evalia Brooklyn (G) - I like both Jenson and Rowan for a boy. They don't flow well, but they were the best options. Like both Lorna and Evalia, but the nickname options won out for me (Eve, Evie, Lia are all great). Don't like any of the middle names for girls, would prefer Brooke.

    4. Lyndon Jack (B) & Cierra Jane (G) - Love Lyndon for a boy. Jack and Luke are both nice, but Jack flowed better. Not fond of Savannah or Cierra; I chose the name I hear less often. June and Jane are both gorgeous middle names, but I like Jane slightly better.

    5. Molly Jade and Sally Piper - I love Molly, adorable name! I didn't want rhyming first names and Aly seems incomplete, so Sally had to be the second choice. Jade and Piper were the only feminine options for middles.

    6. Weston Elijah and Ashton Emanuel - I didn't want rhyming names, so I had to choose Ashton. Also chose Weston as it's similar to one of my fav names, Wesley. Elijah and Emanuel are both stunning, classic names, and they flow great with the firsts.

    7. Lily Faith and Ivy Love - All of the first names are nice, but Lily and Ivy are both on my favourites list. Faith is by far the nicest middle here. I chose Love (even though I don't ike it) as it flowed better than the other options.

    8. Kingston Lyle and Quinlen Abram - Hate all of the first names (too trendy); I chose the 2 that seem most usable. I love both Abram and Lyle, so the middle names were an easy choice!

  • ?
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    9 years ago

    Abrielle Honor & Jenalie Aubur

    Trayton Alec & Lucan Becker

    Layton Hunter & Evalia Brooklyn

    Savannah Jane & Lyndon Jack

    Molly Piper & Aly Jade

    Weston Everett & Ashton Elijah

    Lily Faith & Calla Mercy

    Knox Mason & Quinlen Lyle

  • 9 years ago

    Abrielle Blythe

    Clark Alec

    Evalia Rowan

    Cierra Jane

    Sally Piper

    Ashton Elijah

    Lily Love

    Quinlin Lyle

  • 9 years ago

    1. Abrielle Blythe and Jenalie Auburn

    2. Kyler Alec and Lucan Branson

    3. Jenson Rowan and Evalia Brooklyn

    4. Cierra Jane and Lyndon Jack

    5. Holly Piper and Aly Jade

    6. Ashton Elijah and Preston Everett

    7. Lily Faith and Calla Love

    8. Knox Mason and Quinlen Abram

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  • 9 years ago

    Abrielle Blythe and Jaselyn Auburn

    Lucan Becker and Clark Branson

    Jenson Rowan and Lorna Brooklyn

    Savannah June and Oakley Jack

    Holly Madyson and Molly Piper - very rhymey but I dislike Sally and Aly

    Preston Elijah and Ashton Everett

    Lily Faith and Daisy Liberty

    Kingston Chandler and Knox Mason

    I really hate most of these names :/

  • 9 years ago

    • Abrielle Honor "Ellie" & Jenalie Blythe "Jen"

    • Lucan Alec "Luke" & Clark Becker

    • Jenson Rowan & Lorna Tawny "Lori"

    • Savannah June & Lyndon Jack

    • Holly Piper & Sally Jade

    • Weston Everett "Wes" & Ashton Elijah

    • Lily Faith & Calla Mercy "Callie"

    • Knox Chandler & Quinlen Lyle "Quinn"

    Not a fan of most of these names, but I tried...

  • 9 years ago

    1) Abrielle Blythe and Anberlyn Honor

    2) Trayton Alec and Kyler Branson

    3) Jenson Hunter and Layton Tawny

    4) Oakley Jack and Cierra Jane

    5) Aly Piper and Holly Jade

    6) Weston Everett and Ashton Emerson

    7) Lily Faith and Daisy Love

    8) Kingston Chandler and Memphis Mason

    I loved most of these names!! (:

  • 9 years ago

    • Jenalie Honor

    • Amberlyn Blythe

    • Lucan Alec

    • Clark Becker

    • Layton Hunter

    • Lorna Brooklyn

    • Savannah June

    • Lyndon Jack

    • Holly Madyson

    • Sally Jade

    • Preston Everett

    • Weston Elijah

    • Calla Mercy

    • Daisy Faith

    • Kingston Lyle

    • Memphis Chandler

    -- Rosie ♥

  • Girl/Girl : Abrielle Blythe and Jaselyn Auburn

    Boy/Boy : Lucan Alec and Kyler Branson

    Boy/Girl : Layton Hunter and Evalia Brooklyn

    Girl/Boy : Savannah Jane and Lyndon Luke

    Girl/Girl : Molly Adyson and Aly Jade

    Boy/Boy : Ashton Emerson and Preston Everett

    Girl/Girl : Lily Faith and Calla Love

    Boy/Boy : Kingston Chandler and Memphis Lyle

  • -Abrielle Honor & Jenalie Blythe

    -Clark Branson & Kyler Alec

    -Jenson Hunter & Evalia Rowan

    -Savannah Jane & Lyndon Jack

    -Molly Piper & Aly Jade

    -Ashton Everett & Weston Elijah

    -Calla Faith & Ivy Liberty

    -Knox Chandler & Quinlen Abram

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