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What are the pros and cons of the 2013 Dodge Charger?

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    2013 Dodge Charger


    Best in class 300hp & 31mpg Mid-Size Fuel Efficiency in a Full-Size Car

    •Iconic Muscle Car Design

    •Perfectly combines Fun, Nostalgia and Power

    •Full-Size Sedan – Mid-Size Fuel Economy

    •Best-in-Class Power & Fuel Economy – 300 hp & 31 mpg

    •Dramatic Heritage-inspired Styling

    •Powerful 300 hp V6 – Winner Ward’s Ten Best Engines

    •8-speed Automatic delivering up to 31 MPG – better than any other Full-Size or Mid-Size V6 car!

    •Up to 4-inches more rear legroom vs. Mid-Size Cars

    •Available 5.7L 370 hp / 395 lb-ft Torque HEMI V8 – 25 mpg

    •Best-in-Class Combination of Power & Efficiency

    •Most Affordable V8 Sedan in America

    •Most Sophisticated AWD system in the Segment with Front Axle Disconnect – Best-in-Class V6 AWD Fuel Economy

    •2012 IIHS Top Safety Pick

    •Premium Interior with Soft-Touch Surfaces – awarded one of Ward’s 10 Best New Interiors for 2011

    •More than 65 Safety & Security Features

    •First Availability of 18-inch Chrome Clad Wheels

    •SE with Sport Appearance Group = $26,590

    •First Availability of 20-inch Wheels – with 8-spd Auto & 8.4-inch Media Center Screen

    •SXT with stand-alone 20’s = $29,590

    •First Availability of 300 hp V6 & Dr. Dre' Beats

    •SXT with Rallye Appearance Group = $30,490

    •First Availability of Leather, 31 mpg & Chrome Wheels

    •SXT Plus – $30,595 MSRP – Extremely well equipped!! Includes: Heated Front and Rear Seats

    Includes: 18-inch Chrome Clad Wheels (add 20’s for only $995)

    •R/T = $29,995 MSRP Includes: 18-inch Wheels, 370 hp HEMI, Sport Seats and HID’s

    Two New 3-Coat paint colors – Ivory and Phantom Black! This is a special paint process that is exactly as it sounds - three coats of paint

    1.The high solid base coat (flat color)

    2.The “effect coat” or “glamour coat” (Pearl or Metallic), and

    3.The clear coat

    This process allows for a richer and much more intense depth of color than a traditional 2-coat paint process


    •Traffic Tickets

    •Friends & Family Envy

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  • 5 years ago


    292 hp which is nice in the SE (base model)

    smooth finish to the design of the vehicle compared to the earlier models

    spacious inside , room for everyone to fit comfortably

    driver seat can be adjusted to be nearly flat as a bed for those power naps

    oil filter is easily available in the front of the engine (weird for me but eh its ok i guess)

    great Variable Valve Timing engine with its automatic "eco" when foot light or off the throttle


    the front seats although considered bucket seats they feel too wide for a normal 5 8 body and when doing sharp turns feel that youre sliding in them

    the exhaust is really quiet and doesn t really sound like an American car should sound like

    the rectangular exhaust attached to the bumper is a fake and you can see through it and see the actual exhaust in it.

    one of the things that really bugs me is that the vehicle is only found in automatic and not in a manual transmission (takes a lot of fun out of it )

    the stereo screen pretty much controls everything with the ac so if you want to put an aftermarket stereo you have to do some cutting and the $400-$600 conversion kit for it.

    the E-break is a step pedal and not a hand break which i think would work out great with the dodge charger family

    if you found this helpful follow on IG @ayy.vee

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  • 7 years ago

    I own a 2013 Charger SXT AWD. My only complaint with the car is the fact that you cannot switch between 4wd and 2wd yourself. The car does it automatically and not always when 4wd is needed.

    Otherwise, I agree with all the pros the other responders have posted here, I'm very satisfied with my Charger.

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  • Cons . . . it's not a two door hardtop like the earlier models, my friends say I'm old school about the Charger, it's hard not to be when you've owned three (two '69's and a '70) and still own the '70, a numbers matching big block Charger 500, really my wife's but she lets me drive it every now and then.

    Source(s): Fifty years of shadetree engineering, racing, and home auto repair, all Mopars mostly Dodges. Former owner now caretaker of two numbers matching '70 Challenger R/Ts, caretaker of the above mentioned Charger and owner of a small block '71 Challenger.
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  • 8 years ago

    The pros.

    They look good

    They are fast, faster and fastest

    Good on gas

    Cool to ride in

    The cons

    reread the above, there are no cons

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  • Kevin
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    8 years ago

    Which model with which engine? 4 models 3 engines. check car mag website for test drives and reviews and dodge website for prices and options.

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