Can i visit West Point Military Academy?

I would really like to tour around by myself which i know they dont often offer and only do in groups. I have a military id so would i be eligible even though its technically not a base?


@maj kev Thank you! Good to know because im curious to see it. I am an Air Force Reservist not a dependent.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Technically, it is a base. The Post is called West Point. The school that is located there is The UNited States Military Academy at West Point. There is dependant housing, a commissary, a PX, etc, etc.

    With a dependant ID, you will be able to enter the installation and tour all you like - you just will be challenged if you go into any of the academy buildings, as dependants are barred from most of them except for special occasions.

    EDIT: as a Reservist, you will technically not be authorized to run around in the academic buildings or barracks either.

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