Help, suggest me a modern name for boy, ur choice, ur fav one or select from list.?

Indian british, yet to be born boy. I'm 25weeks pregnant, select first name

1 - Ryan

2 - vihaan

3 - rigved

4 - rohan

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    Congratulation .... for the baby

    I loved vihaan and rohan... both sounds modern and trendy

    I'm suggesting some names that i really like

    Aryan :- Son of arya

    Rehaan :- Blessing of god

    Reeyansh :- Vishnu's ansh

    Ridwaan:- God's will

    Rohit :- Red

    Dhruv:- Pole star

    Vyaan:- Air

    Vivaan :- Lord Krishna

    Timir :- Darkness

    Tanmay :- Absorbed

    Tanuj :- Son

    These are some of my favorite names..

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    7 years ago

    Rohan Is sounds Good, And Sanju Also

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    7 years ago

    Rohan. It maintains your culture, but isn't "weird." In other words, it still bears your cultural heritage, but his teachers will know how to pronounce it, and his classmates won't make fun of him. Raj, Taj, Jai, Ishaan, are also names which are just easy for Westerners...

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    7 years ago

    - Rohan. Spelled Rowan.

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    1 - Ryan

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    i actually love the name jioni, not because of snooki's boyfriend, just because i like the way it sounds.

    EDIT - also Gideon is an awesome name.

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    7 years ago

    My favourite is Rohan. So charming, handsome, elegant and strong, and it age really well.

    - Ella :)

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