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How do you think Mark Sanchez will "Respond" on Monday Night?

Ok so we all know the Drama with the Jets. And after his horrible performance it seems like this Monday is the day. A lot of people believe it is the day that if Mark Sanchez does not perform, he will lose his job. I know he is an average quarterback at best but we are talking about the same guy who marched into Indy and beat Peyton Manning. And then marched into Foxburough and beat Tom Brady the very next week. I mean the guy has 4 playoff wins under his belt by the time he was 25. I know he's not that good of a QB but anyone that watches football can agree that Mark Sanchez is a Winner. I dont know what day, or if that day comes at all, that he will lose his job to Tim Tebow, but I just DONT see it being on Monday Night. Any Thoughts?

P.S. I KNOW the Jets have had tremendous defenses during those playoff runs but in general it seems like Sanchez somehow elevates himself when its do or die. And his overall stats tend to be better in the playoffs.

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    This Monday is just another game the Jets will lose, but it doesn't change the fact that Sanchez should be the starting quarterback the rest of the season. He sucks but what better is Tebow? Because the Broncos lost their final three games and won the division with an 8-8 record on a Raiders loss? That just proves playing in the most inconsistent division in the AFC gives you easy access to the playoffs, but it doesn't change the fact that he's still a lousy quarterback that can't complete a perfect pass game after game, or that the Broncos defense was the main reason they went on a hot streak. Jets would have still lost against the 49ers if Tebow was starting, they would lose to the Texans if he was starting, so why would Sanchez get benched if the 49ers and Texans are just two superior teams?

    And for the record, Sanchez wasn't the main reason the Jets were able to beat the Colts and Pats. Having a good defense and a running back that can pound the ball really disrupts the timing a quarterback is on the field, and that's why the Jets were able to contain any momentum Manning and Brady could develop.

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    Sorry but Mark Sanchez didn't beat Peyton in Indy or Brady in Boston! It was his defense that stopped their offenses and Sanchez had the luxury of a good running game.

    I don't see the Jets winning this Monday night and if your best option is Tebow then the team has serious problems.

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    I typically despise the Jets. However, don't get me wrong, I am rooting for Mark Sanchez over Tim Tebow for the NYJ QB position. However, they are in a tough situation. They just lost 34-0 at home. And now they are about to host what looks like the most complete team in the NFL, in the Houston Texans. If they do rebound, it will be a different week.

    I am more than willing to bet that Mark Sanchez is having nightmares right now of JJ Watt in his grill the whole game.

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    ANY quarterback couldve won those games with that defense and the running game they had. Mark Sanchez can only be as good as the team around him, which atm, isnt looking very good for him. I see him struggling and losing his job soon, if not Monday Night, because Tebow can make something of nothing. Tebow wont look good either though,so look for a big change at QB this offseason. Either way, dont plan on seeing the Jets in the postseason. Pats take the division, and i think both wild cards go to the two teams that dont take the division between the Steelers, Ravens, and Bengals.

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    Sanchez + Tebow = 1/2 a QB

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    Those wins were when Sanchez had a dominant defense and a strong running game that kept Sanchez from passing so much. The past two years, a mediocre D and no running game and Sanchez sucks. The Jets already said though Tebow won't start yet. I have to imagine it would be soon though

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    That was the ground and pound years, the jets have no ground and an average pound and a blow-hard coach that is no longer funny but is becoming pathetic.

    The jets will be lucky to score 2 field goals on Monday Night and they should not get another prime time game anytime soon. It's embarrassing.

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    Personally, I believe that Greg McElroy should be the starting quarterback for the New York Jets. McElroy is the best quarterback on the Jets roster.

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    I think Ryan will hang Sanchez out to dry Monday Night, if he lays a big enough egg, then Ryan will say it's time to get Tebow in...

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    jets need to step their game up or mark sanchez is going to end up like locker did.

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