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Used vinyl gloves with ESD - will I have fried my microcontroller?

I was soldering header pins onto my Arduino Mini Pro but because I was using lead based solder (which I find easier to use), I decided to uses vinyl gloves. I was using an ESD wrist strap, so I am wondering whether I will have fried the microcontroller IC or if the ESD wrist strap will have discharged the static safely away? The reason I ask is because vinyl and latex gloves supposedly are terrible for building a static charge up. I really hope I haven't destroyed it!

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    9 years ago
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    I don't think static was generated, because you would have to rub the gloves against something to create the charge, then it would have to discharge through the glove, the micro controller, then to ground somewhere. Just make a simple program to test the outputs if you are concerned about it, maybe flash leds, input on/ off switch toggle, test the A/D pins etc.

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