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Ever since yahoo did maintenance work on answers,?

I keep getting questions that were asked hours or even days ago. How do i reset it so that i get new questions showing when i log in? The 'answer' link in green keeps changing, sometimes when i click it it goes to newl asked questions and other times it goes to older questions. Not sure what yahoos done but it's getting annoying now.


(for example, if i hover my mouse over the 'answers' badge at the top middle, it shows the link to ''recommended' but other times it takes me to recently asked. Why does it keep changing?

Update 2:

Thanks for your answer but i'm still confused here. When I log into yahoo answers, i get taken to this page, for example:;_ylt=ArDYSNL...

I should be taken to the latest questions page. Usually, after answering a question, i would click on the 'answers' badge to take me back to the latest questions, but it still takes me back to that same page,, recommended.

It gets quite annoying because i always like to check feedback to my answers, only to find i'm not getting any because the Q was asked 6 hours ago or something!

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    What you're seeing is the new Question Recommender that's being tried out (beta tested) off-and-on with random users/IP addresses/browsers. Not everybody is seeing it, in fact if they don't already see it then your link won't take them to the Recommended tab.

    It might sometimes be a useful feature, but as you noted what's bad about it is that when you click on a category it defaults to the Recommended tab instead of the Open tab. Sorry, you can't turn that off, although using a different browser may help (right now I'm seeing it using IE but not using Firefox).

    I agree that I don't like it much either, at least not as a default setting, which is why I made a comment about it on the blog (well actually 2 comments because the first one didn't show up right away) and suggest you do too:

    You could also post on the Suggestion Board. There are already several threads there.

    You might have noticed that we haven't seen the "new" ratings system for quite a while. That was because of the feedback Yahoo! got about it.

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    The maintenance is ongoing. You can sort by Newest, fewest answers. or Most popular questions. The sorting hyperlinks are right above the question list. This is a pretty normal glitch that pops up during system updates. Just click the "Newest " hyperlink. It keeps changing because Yahoo IS UPDATING THE SOFTWARE while YA is ONL:INE. They USED to take YA completely OFFLINE for six yours or more for software updates. We'd all go into withdrawal and whine and complain when YA went back online with people complaining about why didn't Yahoo warn them about the shut down, when Yahoo DID announce that YA WAS gong to be taken offline on the Answers blog A week or MORE BEFORE the they took YA offline. If you keep system running during a software update , the update takes lot longer. Yahoo has been updating since September 17 or 16. How do I know? Yahoo "froze" my YA profile on September 18. THAT'S how I know.

    If you THAT is annoying, Yahoo keeps kickking me off and loggiong me out because my borwser scree keeps freezing. PLEasE do not tell me to change browsers. I've tried that. But I'm still trying to figure out how to pin my bookmarks in Google chr5ome.

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