12 questions for Anime fans?

here goes...

#1 - What anime(s) managed to make you cry, if any?

#2 - If you could trade places with any character, but you would have to go through EVERYTHING that that character went through, who would it be?

#3 - What anime deserves a second season that didn't get one (In your opinion)?

#4 - What anime, if made into a novel (the regular kind) that follows the anime EXACTLY, would you want to or be willing to read?

#5 - Your second favorite anime? (Yup, not the first, but the second)

#6 - The funniest scene EVER in any anime. (post YouTube link please)

#7 - Which genre do you like better - Action/Romance or Comedic/Romance or Comedy/Action with NO romance?

#8 - Have you ever watched an anime just because other people are, even if you don't particularly like it yourself?

#9 - The best anime (to you) with Romance and Slife-of-life elements thru-ought it?

#10 - Have you ever wanted to punch an anime character for some reason, if so why?

#11 - Have you ever dropped an anime on the first episode, if so what anime and why?

#12 - whats your favorite 'KEY' animation (If you've seen any)?

Cant Wait to hear from you!


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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago
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    1. Clannad~after story, Angel Beats!

    2. Hei from Darker Than Black

    3. Angel Beats!

    4. Shiki

    5. Steins;Gate

    6. http://youtube.com/watch/soul/eater/Oxwzp/34/

    7. Comedy/Action and Comedic/Romance, I like the either.

    8. No, I watch the animes I like.

    9. Clannad~after story

    10. I wanted to punch Soul from Soul eater because he was always having nosebleeds.

    11. Never, I know that an anime always gets better.

    12. Clannad~after story

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  • 7 years ago

    1. The big question here is what anime's didn't make me cry?

    I'm just going to list the ones that made me have to pause to bawl my eyes out.

    One Piece, Tiger & Bunny, Clannad,FMAB, Ano Hana. Gintama, Slayers Next, MÄR, TTGL..And I can't remember anymore..

    2 Otsuu from Gintama, Because Shinpachi would be in love with me

    I'm such a creep, at least he's my age...HA at least he ages!

    3. can I say berserk for the fact tha they should totally make the series by the manga, I love the Golden egg ark and everything but really. the manga is magic.

    in all seriousness though I'll say Furuba (Fruits basket) or Elfen lied cause you just don't do that!

    4. Hmm This is difficult Guin Saga and NO.6 were proper novels so I'm going to exclude them.

    ..I'm going to go with Rurouni Kenshin here, Historical fiction is always great plus it'd be cool to see how the sction scenes are written and if it gets a LA movie :D

    5. Gintama, which in all honesty I tend to mention more often than One Piece...

    6. Probably something from Cromartie High School but I'm only on Episode two


    Youtube thumbnail

    It was the only funny moment I could find without possibly being banned and with someone still getting the joke cause this anime tends to have long running jokes that you can only understand if you've watched the show.

    7. Comedy Action, Romance irritates me, the characters are always really dumb.

    8.Thats why I started watching Beelzebub but I don't really watch it anymore, I guess now that its over I can see how things went.

    9. ANO HANA ;o; oh jesus oh gosh njskdgla;sgjf


    10. So many times. oh god




    11. That anime about Loli's playing Basketball....Yeah...that..

    I forget what it was called but I didn't like it.

    12. Angel beats or Air, though Little Busters comes out in a few days and I'm looking forward to that.

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  • 7 years ago

    1 Clannad, Code Geass - last episode

    #2 Yuki Cross from Vampire Knight

    #3 Trinity Blood

    #4 No

    #5 Code Geass

    #6 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5xaorbvc_FU

    Youtube thumbnail

    #7 Action/Romance Comedic/Romance I like either one

    #8 Yes

    #9 Clannad

    #10 Yes, if want to know just watch Black Butler episode 17 to find out why lol. Can't say it here

    #11 Yes many times, because it wasn't what I expected^^

    I didn't really get what you mean by "KEY"

    Source(s): Personal Experience
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  • 7 years ago

    1. Inuyasha and Vampire Knight made me cry :'(

    2. Yuki Cross from vampire knight. Having to hot vampires crush on u would be sick! :)

    3. I'm not what anime''s i have watched that only had one season but i wish rosario vampire had a third season because the series doesnt seem quite finished yet

    4. Bleach

    5. Bleach


    Youtube thumbnail


    7.Comedic romance

    8. Yes, Clannad - but now i actually like it

    9. Rosario vampire

    10 I have wanted to punch out miroku from inuyasha for being a perv!

    11. Black Butler 2. And because the new kid is a brat and he was boring

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  • 7 years ago

    1. Clannad and Clannad the Afterstory

    2. Haruhi Fujioka from Ouran High School host club

    3. Well in my case its 3rd season: Code Geass

    4. Nana

    5. La Corda d'oro

    6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TWFp-bI3olg

    Youtube thumbnail

    7. Action/Romance or Comedic/Romance. i prefer both :)

    8. Nope! Id just get bored

    9. Fruits basket

    10. Sye from peach girl, and if you watch the anime you'll see why

    11. yes, elfen lied. too much nudity. I also dropped a few others because they were really old and i prefer modern anime

    12. um idk what that mean lol

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  • 7 years ago

    1.) Elfen Lied

    2.) Bulma

    3.) Maid-Sama

    4.) Soul Eater, and I would read it :3

    5.) Yu Yu Hakusho

    6.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20w7EBAfUIQ

    Youtube thumbnail

    --- There are some funny moments here! Enjoy.

    7.) Action/Romance

    8.) No.

    9.) Maid-Sama (I don't really watch slice-of-life, but this one was good)

    10.) Yes, why not? They annoy you so much that you just want to hurt them.

    11.) I think it was Baka and Test, it didn't keep my attention.

    12.) Wow! Honestly, I like many types of animation--it doesn't matter. ^_^

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  • 7 years ago

    1 - Code Geass :'( , Naruto at certain parts (death scenes of characters I liked), One Piece

    #2 - Oh darn. All my favorite characters have horrible lives lol....umm....jeez. Tenten from Naruto? She's normal....and awesome....

    #3 - Pandora Hearts. fo sho.

    #4 - Pretty much any...but if you're asking for a certain one, probably Shinrei Tantei Yakumo. It'd make an awesome novel.

    #5 - Full Metal Alchemist....

    #6 - ...I can't help it. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zc6xXgGAijQ

    Youtube thumbnail


    a close second is: (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATQuwOPFDZQ

    Youtube thumbnail


    #7 - Comedy/Action

    #8 - No.

    #9 - I haven't watched many, but I would probably say H2O ~Footprints in the Sand~ or Lovely Complex.

    #10 - YES. Oh-so-many. Sasuke (general being-a-jerkface), Sanji from One Piece (general idiocy), Light from Death Note (the ending says it all), Euphemia from Code Geass (she's annoying), Sakura from Naruto (she's also quite annoying), and last but not least...FANGIRLS. -shudder-

    Oh, and pretty much anyone with a high pitched annoying voice.

    And before I forget.....SHIDO-SENSEI *high school of the dead* (HE'S SO CREEPY and GRRRRRR. just grrrr.)

    #11 - Yes. Ayakashi (too gory)

    #12 - Don't know what it is, so I'm assuming I haven't seen one....:sweatdrop:

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  • ok.
    Lv 4
    7 years ago

    Not doing all of them but here's a few:

    1) Um I cried tears of joy from Tsuritama because it's so f*cking wonderful/great/amazing/cute/everything the very ending is so cute :')

    3) Again, Tsuritama but it's new so i'm not expecting anything for a while

    5) Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler

    10)Hi iris (pokemon) and Sakura Haruno. They're so f*cking annoying i just-

    11) I watched Fairy Tail for the first 4-5 episodes and dropped it because the whole 'magical' element just wasn't my thing (although happy was pretty cute)

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  • 7 years ago

    1.Regular Naruto (At some parts)

    2.Hinamori Amu in Shugo Chara


    4.I dont read manga





    9.Shugo Chara

    10.Yes, for crushing a childs dreams



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  • camara
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    1. For those who could prefer a specific ability/capacity from any anime/manga what wouldn't it be? << L intelligences >> 2. Had been you keen on L's successors Mello and near? <<nope >> 3. Would you instead fight with weapons, swords, or fists? << Sword >> four. Who do you may have more sympathy for? Mild or Lelouch? << no person >> 5. Do you end up rooting for the nice guys or the bad guys? << bad guy >> 6. Would you instead be a ninja or a soul reaper? << ninja >> 7. Do you watch anime fillers? << nope >> 8. Do you commonly call L from deathnote, "L" or "Ryuzaki"? << L >> 9. Do you as a rule decide on a comfortable or sad ending in anime? << sad >> 10. Do you find yourself more involved in practical or delusion anime? << sensible >> 11. Do you revel in watching anime or reading manga more? << manga >> 12. Who's the most powerful anime personality? << Son Goku >> thirteen. What's the first anime/manga sequence that you just became a quite committed fan of? << one piece >> 14. Do you enjoy yaoi/yuri? << nope >> 15.Do you believe that light is real an evil character? << nope.. I feel he is savior >> sixteen. Who's essentially the most evil anime persona? << none >> 17. Which anime character has the worst lifestyles? << Lucy >>

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