Was Romney correct in his estimate that Obama will get 47% of the vote to his 52% and Gary getting 1%?

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    Trashing him won't change the truth about your party.

    How dems treat the troops: http://mvpproject.org/in-the-news/va-mil…A 92% drop in absentee-ballot requests by military personnel in Virginia is raising concerns that the Pentagon is failing to carry out a federal voting law. It’s happening across the nation.

    Democrats embrace pres. Teddy Roosevelt’s (1901-09) "change" for America:

    -A National Health Service

    -Social insurance for the elderly, unemployed and disabled

    -Limited injunctions in union strikes

    -Federal income tax

    -Inheritance tax

    TR didn't care how "change" would impact the Constitution: “This, I know, implies a policy of a far more active governmental interference with social and economic conditions in this country than we have yet had, but I think we have got to face the fact that such an increase in governmental control is now necessary.”

    Dem. pres. Wilson's (1913-1918) "change": “You are not here merely to make a living. You are here to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision, and with a finer spirit of hope and achievement. You are here to enrich the world. You impoverish yourself if you forget this errand.” He may have been the first multiculturalist: “No nation is fit to sit in judgment upon any other nation.” Obama put it this way: “Every nation is exceptional in its own way.”

    A generation later dem. pres. FDR articulated “change” (before Congress, 1/11/44):

    -“We have accepted, so to speak, a second Bill of Rights...”

    -The right to earn enough to provide adequate food and clothing and recreation

    -The right of every family to a decent home

    -The right to adequate medical care and the opportunity to achieve and enjoy good health

    -The right to adequate protection from the economic fears of old age, sickness, accident, and unemployment.

    LBJ’s “change,” The Great Society, became the largest redistribution of wealth program in history. But Obama is “out-changing” them all.

    It is only because of the Internet, talk radio and Fox News (none existed a generation ago!) that we are learning the truth about how successful the democrat party has been with their “Change”:

    -2/4/10 Gallup poll: 61% of liberals have a positive view of socialism.

    -6/2/11 Gallup poll: 71% of democrats favor re-distributing wealth.

    -9/6-9/2012 http://www.gallup.com/poll/157481/majori… Those who believe government should have more control over our lives: Republicans 15%; Independents, 29%; Democrats 67%.

    -Now they have national health care, the foundation of all welfare and socialist states.


    pbs.org: “The Klan quickly became a terrorist organization in service of the Democratic Party and white supremacy. Between 1869 and 1871 its goal was to destroy Congressional Reconstruction by murdering blacks -- and some whites -- who were either active in Republican politics or educating black children.”

    pbs.org: After [democrat] Wilson was elected in 1912 blacks were segregated or dismissed from federal positions.

    6/11/12 npr.org:

    -100 members of Congress from the South (96 Democrats and 4 Republicans), present a "Declaration of Constitutional Principles" that criticized the Supreme Court in its Brown v. Board of Education decision for desegregating schools and protested civil rights initiatives.

    -“During this period, they [KKK] often forged alliances with Southern police departments, as in Birmingham, Alabama; or with governor's offices, as with George Wallace [democrat] of Alabama who, on his inauguration as governor of Alabama on January 14, 1963, proclaimed 'Segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever.'” wikipedia

    Which party promoted the 1964 Civil Rights Act (outlawing discrimination against Blacks and women)? In the Senate, democrats 63%, Republicans 80%; in the House, Democrats 61%, Republicans 80%.

    Which party opposed the 1965 Civil Rights Act? In the Senate, democrats 27%, Republicans 6%; in the House, democrats 22%, Republicans 18%.

    For years Dem. Senator Robert Byrd was the "Grand Dragon" of the entire Mid-Atlantic states. (6/19/05 Washington Post). He filibustered the Civil Rights Act of 1964. He was the longest-serving senator in history and democrats chose him as their Senate leader many times. He died in-office two years ago: “VP Biden said today that with the passing of Sen. Robert Byrd the Senate lost a legend and he lost a dear friend and mentor.” 6/28/10 ABC News

    The New Yorker: “Tim Russert told me that, according to his sources, Bill Clinton, in an effort to secure an endorsement for Hillary from Ted Kennedy, said to Kennedy, ‘A few years ago, this guy would have been carrying our bags.’” http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2012/…

    “The modern Republican Party absolutely owes its origin to the fight over slavery” Google search “CNN Explains: How the GOP began."

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    I believe that Romney was attempting to explain why 47% of the voters pay no income tax & thus not interested in his plan to reduce taxes. That he went on to essentially describe this group of folks as moochers was a bridge too far. And BTW, over 4,000 millionaires in 2010 paid no federal income tax.

    Gary, Indiana, Glen Gary Glenross and Gary Bussey never came up during his presentation.

    Final answer - Willard Romney was not correct.

    Have a nice day.

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    Obama is still getting 3 to 1 odds. If Romney manages to win it won't be by 5% of the popular vote.

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    7 years ago

    Who the f-ck cares? The point of a two-party democracy is a matter of “dividing and conquering” the public. The media work to support and uphold each party. So you have some media that are liberal and support Democrats and others that hold up the Republicans. By nature, most media are liberal and therefore Democrat. But all media, or at least 98% of print and television media, are owned by 6 multinational corporations. It's not that Fox is that good at catering to conservatives or that the New York Times is good at catering to liberals. It's that there are only two choices to select from to begin with. Mark my words, after Obama is reelected (because Romney was chosen to essentially fail by his party and Democrats deserve 8 years to institute their fascist policies after 8 years of fascist Republican policies), he will ruin the US economically, worse than Bush did. And this is intentional. We will have a good 2013, but from 2014-2018, the US will suffer more than it did the previous 6 years. Some media will change their liberal stance and a new age of conservatism, albeit a brief one, will take hold of the US and its sheep. It will be a revival for the Republican party. But both parties are bringing socialism to the US nonetheless, it’s just that socialism needs introduced by Democrats because it fits within their role in the great theater of American politics.

    For every social and economic issue that the public can be divided over, there will always be 2 major, opposing arguments. So one guy says to the other that he'll take the conservative approach on social issues, while the other takes the liberal approach. They switch when it comes to economic issues with Republicans taking the liberal approach and Democrats taking the conservative approach. Seems contradictory, right? Well, it is. But that's what both parties agreed to do in the late 1880s when they split into two (they used to be the same party, believe it or not), and agreed to switch economic roles again later between 1910s-1940s after the Fed was created and private banking and corporate interests took hold of the US government as a whole. Both parties saw to it, with the help and support of corporations (i.e. Rockefeller, Vanderbilt, Stanford, Carnegie, Mellon families, amongst others), banks (Warburg and Rothschild families, J.P. Morgan) and media (i.e. Hearst family), that the two parties dominate the spectrum of public opinion on any socioeconomic issue that could potentially divide the public. Mencken used to write about American fascism generations ago.

    Most people are simply not Democrat or Republican. Most are somewhere in the middle, but by squeezing out the third option with the help of banks, media, corporations, and anybody else in-between like lobbies, everybody's "forced" to choose between the two parties. Human psychology is used enormously to ensure that the 2 parties have their foothold in American government, so the "I want to make my vote count " mentality is highly figured into the mix, and thus expected by the two parties. Republicans AND Democrats KNOW that you can tell that they're pathological liars that suffer from the selfish need to have enormous wealth and power (Obama has an estimated actual net worth of over $55 million after 3 years in office; he had a net worth of $5 million as a Senator for 2 years) and cater to their friends and those around them (CEOs, trustees and board members, bankers), but they simply DON’T CARE, because they understand that human insecurity will figure into the equation and the average individual will vote to make it "count" by voting either Republican or Democrat. They expect you to cave in. Period. Otherwise, they wouldn’t lie to you and not care whether you believe their theatrics or not. They’ll do what is in favor of those that fund and support their careers. And so goes the cycle every 4 years for every Congressional, Senatorial, Gubernatorial, and Presidential election. To them, that’s all that matters - that you cave in, even as you’re walking up to the booth to vote. It has more to do with the insecurities of the human species and the "herd mentality,” all the while government, media and corporations seek to exacerbate and capitalize on these insecurities.

    Have the courage to vote third party and never quit doing so til you’re dead, or kiss fascism on the lips in 30-50 years. Races are being homogenized. Males are being emasculated. Government, corporations, media that lies and spins to keep people from rebelling. Drones which will be used for domestic purposes. And banks to fund it all. All the pieces exist now. We will have a new caste system no longer based on race, religion or creed, but one based on financial status. All that’s needed is a population of passive, ignorant, insecure sheep willing to obey. And we now have that too.

    Source(s): All major threats of a revolt against government are being dismantled. Fascism is coming, and it will succeed. People are already engineered to not stand up and not have the courage to vote third party. This country is getting fascism one way or the other with both parties in full control of the future, thanks to spineless "adult" Americans that keep putting themselves second, and putting their egos first by trying to make their pathetic, singular vote "count." You have no one to blame but yourselves. Period. So quit whining and complaining about the people you elected. Whether a Republican or Democrat is in office, the overall big picture never changes. We’re still getting socialism for 30-50 years, before ultimately getting fascism globally with a new caste system. I’m sure your kids and grandkids will thank you for insecurely needing your vote to “count.”
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    Unfortunately for Mittens, he was right about 47% of the population supporting Barry, no matter what, that left 53% up for grabs. Unless he can win over most of those people he will lose, that is why liberals are so confident.

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    Everyone read what Mitt Romney did for a living before he ran for President and you want this man to run your country. He is one of the people directly responsible for the banking crisis. Read thishttp://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/greed-an...

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    What he said was, 47% of the American people, regardless of political party, will vote for Obama, no matter what he says, and it is the truth

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    False statement

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    7 years ago

    I guess he should know since he, the Koch brothers and Adelson are buying the election.

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    7 years ago

    Romney is correct about very little.

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