having trouble with drainage for my plants?

what can i do to give my plants better drainage? every time i pull a plant out of the ground there is a puddle of water sitting in the hole.

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  • 8 years ago
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    The main problem is ground water. Some things contribute to it ie. drain water, clogged gutters, slope etc. The water might dry up if it wasn't being over saturated in the first place. However if that is not the only reason it could be a high water table or a clay soil that just wont drain.

    Digging a hole wider or putting gravel in the base is the last thing to do. This will make it worse by allowing surrounding water to drain into your new gravel drain area.

    It's a bath tub effect. Picture a bath tub in the ground level with the grade. The clay is the tub. You plant in the tub that is filled with soil. The water still fills the tub by saturating the soil. This can only be relieved by opening a drain at the bottom.

    This can be done with drainage. Perforated drains in gravel and fabric. Also called french drainage. To could plant a little higher and mound the soil from the higher plant base to the grade. This will not work for larger trees that will just wick the moisture up anyway.

    Lastly some plants are more tolerant of wet ground.

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  • 8 years ago


    There are a few things you can do, depending on the site and soils.

    1) If your soils tend to hole water and you site allows you to get pitch away from the area you could trench a french drain to give an area for the water to flow to and leave the area. This only works if you have pitch enough to make water move away from the area.

    2) You could also dig your hole deeper and wider, and put a layer of 3/4" gravel and cover with some of the excavated soils. Then plant your plant. You would need to calculate the depth base on the size plant you put in. This would elevate the main part of the root system above the area where water will gather.

    There are lots of other options too but would need to know the larger problem, which is where the water is coming from.

    Hope that helps.

    Source(s): Professional Landscape Contractor in CT
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