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What is a CS ? What is roll of a cs in a company n its process ?

Company secretry

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    Company secretaries ensure up-to-date correspondence with staff within companies. This includes facilitating announcements, scheduling and planning staff meetings, managing incoming and outgoing mail, updating websites, and addressing e-mail or phone inquiries. Arranging travel arrangements may also be part of their duties, whether for internal staff or visitors and stakeholders. Their correspondence with contractors or external contacts may include writing or typing reports, attending meetings and taking minutes, and communicating on behalf of management. Company secretaries welcome guests and guide them to the appropriate offices or meeting. They also help train new administrative staff, and give company overviews to general new hires.


    Most company secretaries deal with everyday monitoring of regulations and legislation that are relevant to the organization. Secretaries meet with auditors and lawyers and transition changes when necessary. They're also responsible for health and safety issues in the office, managing insurance issues, dealing with furnishing such as replacements for broken chairs or desks, general purchasing (for paper, equipment, and supplies), and serving as liaison with vendors and contractors.


    Company secretaries are aware and involved with company financial matters. They purchase supplies, guided by the company budget. Secretaries working for registered companies may monitor shares and pay out dividends, and they may be involved with takeovers or mergers. In smaller private businesses, company secretaries may administer pensions and deal with overall insurance issues. They can be responsible for audits and salaries, and they must also sign their companies' annual returns.

    Security and Record Maintenance

    Company secretaries are responsible for managing the security of company documents, including the Certificate of Incorporation, memorandums, share certifications and stock transfer files. The secretary also maintains company records and ensures they're up-to-date.

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