Jehovah's Witnesses, can you answer this question about persecution?

I am studying the Jehovah's Witnesses but have not become one yet. Still, I consider you my brothers and sisters in Jehovah's family. One of the Jehovah's Witnesses sisters asked some questions this evening about praying. I do not know how you feel about praying for someone who has passed on, but it is something I believe in. Something a while ago reminded me of the persecution the Jehovah's Witnesses have undergone. If it would not offend, I would like to offer a prayer for the most recent Jehovah's Witness martyrs. If it would offend, then I will do nothing to offend but I would still like to know the names of some of the recently martyrs and the dates and circumstances they were killed for their faith. I may not be asking the right questions, but I have done a search and have come up empty. If you know a link that I could use, that would be very helpful.

Please note that for some reason I have been unable to offer additional comments (Additional Details) to my questions and have also recently been unable to choose a Best Answer. I will attempt to offer additional details where appropriate and will try to pick a Best Answer, but I'm making no promises.

Thank you in advance.

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    Information of that nature --currently ongoing-- used to be # on our media website, but I haven't found it --yet, anyway-- on the new website. I think it was made available for the media, and since they mostly --if not wholly-- ignored it, they saw fit to take it down. (I do miss it, but, I didn't look at it terribly often. I did use several of the experiences in my answers here, though.)

    We have had experiences of martyrs in both of our magazines, and especially in our yearbooks, along with their experiences in the ministry. Let me see if any that were on the old website were young enough to qualify to make it onto the new one . . .

    (to be continued)

    This is a survivor's experience of the Holocaust:

    Holocaust Survivor Simone Liebster Testimony Clip

    - "Jehovah Witness Persecution"

    Youtube thumbnail



    I was *WRONG*. . .*some* parts of the old media website *IS* still functioning . . . so far.

    This is mostly NEWS, rather than historical happenings, though . . .

    and I don't know for how long it will be available:

    "Jehovah's Witnesses Official Media Website: News by Country":

    For reports of violent persecution, & being jailed for refusing to support war efforts,

    I especially recommend viewing the reports from:







    South Korea





    A few individual articles you will likely be interested in,

    from some of the other countries, are:

    "A 15-minute exposé of Nazi tyranny remembered 75 years later" {Germany

    "Jehovah's Witnesses--Victims of the Nazi Era"

    (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum)

    "Violent mob attacks Jehovah’s Witnesses in Bulgaria

    during annual observance of Christ’s death" {Bulgaria

    "Disabled man arrested, beaten, and deported for reading Bible" {Tajikistan

    (Now I will look for the articles on our new sites, that I was going to look for before.)

    Here is what I found:

    "Religious Persecution -- Why?"

    "They Triumphed Over Persecution"

    "I Admired His Incredible Determination"

    (I'll add more if I find more.)

    "Faithful to God for Over 70 Years"


    Source(s): "Religious Persecution in Georgia--How Much Longer?" (All of the others were too old to qualify to be on the new site, but, they --& many more-- are in our Kingdom Hall libraries.) "Jehovah's Witnesses Stand FIRM Against Nazi Assault" - (55 min. video)'s-witnes...
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    Jehovah keeps all faithful ones in his memory, like Job, the apostles, and just ordinary everyday persons who die faithful to him.

    I knew many who suffered in concentration camps when I was a young Christian in Germany. There is nothing wrong in asking Jehovah to "keep them in his memory," though.

    I think you've been given some very nice answers and plenty of information to read and study in that reguard.

    I'm happy this Q&A forum exists for just this very reason;and happy so many were here for you and your questions.

    And yes, ask your study conductor he can supply scriptures that will answer all your questions and guide you.

    Source(s): Life experience and warm Christian love
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    Mighty touching how You want to offer off prayer for the persecuted ones right here on yahoo. Mighty, mighty , mighty, mighty, touching

    What a saint.

    What a man

    Really big of you to extent yourself so.

    What a heart

    So humble and sincere

    Just like another Joel Osteen in his humble ministry. He likes to ask for prayers too. Get those people moving in prayer and praise with him

    I'll give you a star for that

    Your study conductor couldn't get what you really need maybe? Ask some at the hall?

    Nice to hear your studying the bible. We will look for even more improvements than in your future.

    Not all martyrs are killed (even some in history) Some have shown their religious martyr-ism just by continuing to proclaim God's name, despite knowing the all the risks and taunts they will bear, out of commitment to their God to proclaim his name despite much opposition. And they didn't/ don't "look" or ask for fame, glory, or praise. And that's the best ones and parts of all. Just look around you can see them

    What is it your really looking for? Read some on in in their articles--look them up. Do a genealogy study see if they are real if your in doubt and it's that important to you. Someone gave you links to start your search. Much of that has been in the national news as well-check the papers since you got dates

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    LOL TJ another stump the witness game or How can I used that name for attention here game

    To bad some witness and new suppose studiers are refusing to see how others see that and have said it many times before while praising the post and these type of question or using them for attention. I guess they don't care if it's a stumble to others to their faith like Paul saw some things. As long as its sounds positive to them. Pitiful and I thought my religion had their hypocrisy

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  • MYOB
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    I can understand your need but sorry friend there are absolutely no JW'S in Heaven. You cannot pray for the dead. That is biblical and all they teach is against God. So sorry, you will be lost to God.

    Source(s): God.
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    Ahhh the stump the JWs people game ! Lets see some answers. Seen this a few times before here. And saw where some gave answers where to look before.

    Martyrs are usually picked by religious Institutions or occasionally government. The Catholic church is well know for choosing theirs. It is debatable if their picks meet everyone expectations of what a Martyr is. Not long ago the Catholics pope declared a man (1993) a martyr ( Pope Benedict XVI,) a step toward sainthood, the Vatican said in a statement. Who was killed by the Mafia. I don't remember his name . You can look it up though. I don't keep a list of those they claim of being martyrs now days, not many do-do they?

    Throughout Jehovah's Witnesses' history, their beliefs, doctrines and practices have engendered controversy and opposition from local governments, communities, and religious groups. If the pope declared that one priest as a martyr for boldly speaking out than that should apply to others too.

    "According to law professor (and I do like Law as some know ) Archibald Cox, in the United States, Jehovah's Witnesses were "the principal victims of religious persecution … they began to attract attention and provoke repression in the 1930s, when their proselytizing and numbers rapidly increased." This is in our teaching law books for training lawyers as to what is religious persecution. And they continued on despite this, does that make them martyrs? In some definitions yes.

    Your not going to get a list of names-everyone writing it out here of different stories. How silly that would be to expect that?

    And they don't write all that are persecuted as Martyrs in their records like the Catholics like too. But they do have names in some who gave their story in their own mags.I'm sure you can obtain those with names.

    Political and religious animosity against Jehovah's Witnesses has at times led to mob action and government oppression in various countries, including Cuba, the United States, Canada, Singapore and Nazi Germany. The religion's doctrine of political neutrality has led to imprisonment of members who refused conscription (for example in Britain during World War II and afterwards during the period of compulsory national service).

    You can look that up

    During the World Wars, Jehovah's Witnesses were targeted in the United States, Canada and many other countries for their refusal to serve in the military or help with war efforts. In Canada, Jehovah's Witnesses were interned in camps along with political dissidents and people of Japanese and Chinese descent. Activities of Jehovah's Witnesses have previously been banned in the Soviet Union and in Spain, partly due to their refusal to perform military service. Their religious activities are currently banned or restricted in some countries, for example in Singapore, China, Vietnam, and many Islamic states. Yet some are found going into these territories and getting material out still. Pretty brave.

    According to the journal, Social Compass, "Viewed globally, this persecution has been so persistent and of such an intensity that it would not be inaccurate to regard Jehovah's witnesses as the most persecuted religion of the twentieth century

    Does being persecuted for ones belief make one a Martyr as some churches claim? Than they have many.

    You will find some names in the Holocaust Museum.

    If your expecting "them" to name many a martyr or saint. Like the Catholics may, I don't think you will find that, not that they won't " praise "those who have shown the qualities needed to be called such. Their worship is not toward man.

    Again, I don't keep a list of those in religion that makes claims of others they consider martyrs not many do. I wouldn't even expect them to !

    Yes, a very touching offering prayer for these people. I wonder if any witnesses here gave thought to how others might view that. Did they praise you for that kindness? I'm not saying your looking for it, why would someone do that? Just a thought that might cross some on-lookers minds. Might want to think more about that yourself

    I don't think its a nice question at all really as some said, I think its more provoking. You and some might want to think a little more on that in my opinion, if you value at all how others may view it. If you don't care how others may see it and who you may be turning away, than go right on the way your doing

    I pray for many, never thought of making a prayer revival here on it.

    I think you have plenty of information to start your personal study now. Should answer your question well. And that is what you wanted. "Seek and you shall find" I think that phrase meant personally seeking as well as just given answers. It's a good way to learn as well. I had to do that many times now it's just a good habit.

    Source(s): Law--their in our law books of cases of religious prosecution, many by name. Those books are obtainable.
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    Keep studying & keep asking questions as to how to conduct yourself with all sincerity & integrity as to the new personality that all Jehovah's subjects put on & wear. - Ephesians 4:24

    As our dead loved ones are in our memory as in Jehovah's memory I see your initial intent to do a service out of respect & gratitude for what they stood for & died for, but know this, the dead are conscious of nothing at all - Ecclesiastes 9:5

    Your prayers would be better focused on the living who are suffering, note what Jesus said at Matt 8:22.

    You concentrate on your self and the studying of the word of God, as you may yet be around to greet the dead ones when they return to the living through the resurrection process of our Lord & savior Christ Jesus.- Zephaniah 2:3

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    Why not pray instead for the family of the deceased? You must know by now that "the dead are conscious of nothing"

  • Hello,

    I was just going to say; to ask your study conductor about the yearbook.

    And I see that 'Horsense' gave some excellent sites to read, on this subject.

    We do not elevate persons who have been killed for their faith.

    Jehovah will repay them 100 fold.

    Nice question, I must say.

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    What I would do, would be to direct my prayers to Jehovah, and express to him your heartfelt gratitude for those who have given so much to make his name and purpose known.

    I think such a prayer would make Jehovah's heart rejoice.

    PS: As for those who say that Jehovah's Witnesses are a cult ...... I've been a Christian Witness of Jehovah for 42 years, and I kinda think I would have noticed if it had been a cult. :~)


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    7 years ago

    There is nothing wrong with asking Jehovah to keep His faithful servants in mind. Jesus showed like compassion with the death of Lazarus and others at that time too.

    For a look at recent lives of faithful servants who have lost their lives for upholding their faith and resolve to stay neutral or not be involved in other ares that conflict with our christian neutrality, you can go to and look for any of our yearbooks. They go back as far as 1930's I think and are filled with 1,000's of accounts of those faithful ones. I know the conflict in Africa several years ago between the tribes cost many many lives, a number of them were witnesses who were killed for refusing to kill or from protecting others from being killed.

    We are encouraged to pray for are fellow brothers who are currently sitting in prision in several countries without trial because the refuse to join or have anything to do with the millitary or millitary service. I know of some that have been in prision for many years, from 18 yrs old onward becasue of their neutrality.

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