Was Patrick Soon-Shiong correct about the role of government?

Soon-Shiong is worth about $7Billion. He built his fortune primarily through his work in the medical world. He has been very philanthropic in the Los Angeles area, primarily.

He believes there is a huge need for a dedicated high speed infrastructure,network, labs etc. linking cancer centers around the country. The point of this question is not to discuss the need for network, but to his comment.

His comment was ""This is something the federal government should have done, but we waited and waited for them,"

My question(s) to you is : Is he right? Is this the gov't's responsibility?

NOTE: He and 3 or 4 evil corporations got tired of waiting and went out and created this expensive life saving network.


@gunny - let's assume that there was a lot of lobbying.

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    Mr. Soon-Shiong was wrong.

    1. Private sector will determine if this truly is needed.

    2. Private sector will build it faster, less expensively and much better than any government will.

    3. He and his buddies proved exactly the opposite of what he advocated for (gov't built network / labs). They saw the need for it and invested their own dollars, took all of the risk and can now say that "I Built That" They own it and can make it work in any way they see fit, and if they choose to, try to turn a profit.

    Congrats and thank you to Mr. Soon-Shiong ,whover he is for showing us once again how a dynamic and free country actually works.

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    YOU- can't just WAIT on them you have to ACTIVELY Lobby...the Government has Subsidized EVERY Level of the Market & built the Framework of Subsidy...of M.I.C..

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  • 4 years ago

    He is evil. He will be the death of us all. Mark my words.

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