dairy billboard ideas?

i have to do three 4-h posters and one of them is for a dairy billboard. so can anyone give me an idea for a catchy dairy billboard message or something? and i also have to do a drug prevention poster so any ideas for that ?

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  • 8 years ago
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    If you can't use the ideas below they might give you an idea of your own...


    "Milk Delivers Bottle"

    Robert Wiseman Dairies - TV Ad with Sir Bob Geldof (1988).

    “The White Stuff. Are you made of it?” (2000).

    A new Millennium and a new catchphrase from the new industry body, the Dairy Council.

    "Go To Work On An Egg"

    British Egg Marketing Board

    Also - "Happiness Is Egg Shaped"

    "Kids Will Eat It Until The Cows Come Home"

    Dairylea Cheese Triangles

    Drug Prevention...

    Some anonymous slogans from slogan.com

    Just Say No!

    From Zammo off UK kids TV Series "Grange Hill"

    Get high on Life, not on drugs

    Drugs: You use, you lose

    Wasted? So is your life

    Do a good deed and kill the weed

    Hugs not drugs

    It's easier to stay off drugs than to get off drugs

    Crack is Whack

    Keep off the Grass!

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