Why don't more people prepare their own food instead of eating out or ordering?

I used to order pizza or stop at Mcdonalds/Wendys a few years ago but it's just not logical! I have found that you can make your own pizza and it will taste just as good as one you can buy for less than half the price!

And why don't people just pack a lunch for work instead of eating fatty and pricey fast food, it takes maybe 5 minutes and you will save quite a bit of money in the long run. Heck you could even bring frozen food to work and it will still be cheaper than fast food.

A dollar cheeseburger can be made for 50 cents at home if you buy store brand, even less for a taco or burrito. I know most of you will say it is due to laziness or a busy lifestyle but it really doesn't take much longer than brushing your teeth or watching the news to do any of the things I mentioned.

Are the people just stupid or something, were they not given the "Value of a dollar speech" by their parents, is it a habit formed by the parent's or what?

What is even worse than people that order off the dollar menu are the ones that buy the Value meals as you are totally getting ripped off if you buy one of those, a large soda for a dollar is NOT cheap by any means when you can buy a 2 liter from the super market.


All of these are very good answers, I don't know how to decide lol.

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    when both spouses have full time 8-10 hour a day jobs, the kids have sports and other extra curricular activities it is hard to spend 2 hours making pizza from scratch when it takes only minutes to call ahead and pick it up on the way home.

    I did both, was a stay at home mom for quite a few years because we could not afford day care so I could work. When the kids were older, I did work too and I can tell you that after a tough day at a physical job, the last thing you want to do when you get home is futz around with a 2 hour meal.

    Also keep in mind time issues. Working a 8-5 job doesn't mean you are home at 5, it means you leave work at 5 and if you are lucky, you get home by 6...spending an hour or 2 on a good meal means you don't get out of the kitchen until 7 or 8....when is there time to go to sporting events, help with homework, etc?

    Hubby did carry a lunch bucket as he was a construction worker and there IS no fast food places when you work miles out of a city on the highway...

    I worked as a chef and so my meals were part of my pay so I didn't have to carry lunch.

    I happened to become the queen of the crock pot....my adult kids still hate crock pot meals of ANY kind...

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    You can make pizza for a third or fourth of the price of buying it at a restaurant, and it's much better & healthier without MSG-laden meats and sauces. A lot of people are over scheduled and some are working two jobs these days. And finding the right equipment and a good recipe to make a pizza is a little difficult, I searched until I found out how to make a thin-crust pizza, and have some good pizza pans now, and use a roller to get the dough rolled out and docked....have even learned to fill the edges of the crust with sesame seeds or whatever like the restaurants do, made up my own recipes (buffalo chicken). Making pizza does take time, and I don't know how many people these days have ever been taught to knead dough. I learned to make Chinese foods to avoid food poisoning (which happened at one restaurant) and can also make Mediterranean and other ethnic foods.

    I did teach my daughter to cook starting when she was 10 years old with simple foods. She complained to her sitter how mean I was forcing her to "cook dinner" 2 nights a week...but she needed to practice and what better way. By the time she was 15 she could make cream puffs, a wonderful sweet bread ring with a icing glaze embellished with cherries, burritos from scratch and a cast-iron skillet chicken pot pie filled in a homemade crust. I wondered then how many of her spoiled classmates knew how to fry an egg or make a hamburger themselves...parents always giving them money for meals.

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    Because our culture makes it very easy to NOT be smart about food and bringing your lunch places can be prohibitive if you do not have secure storage or the means to warm your food up.

    You'd be surprised how many people do not brush their teeth or watch news these days, too.

    Ultimately, it amounts to a lack of values. Most of us were raised in single parent homes by mothers who did not have the energy or time to make perfectly wholesome meals, so 'lunch money' became the norm. Marketers exploit that completely and effectively perpetuated a culture that relies on convenience rather than economy or nutrition where food is concerned. Most kids would not know HOW to cook anything that's not from a box or frozen pack even if they wanted to.

    I suggest lobbying gov'ts to mandate home economics for ALL students to stem this sad trend. I eventually forced myself to learn how to cook out of boredom and monotony of fast food, but most children do not have that sort of inclination...esp boys.

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    It's easy if you have an oven and fridge...but without it it's not so easy to cook. For a while I didn't even have a fridge...my aunt was going to give me a mini fridge, but she took back the offer when I didn't visit her for Christmas. So I was just eating takeaways until my friends lent me a fridge. Then I was just making pasta and porridge on the hotplate mostly. I cook and bake a lot now that I have the oven.

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    7 years ago

    It is truly more expensive to eat out everyday than to make your own meals at home. But, considering the time you have to spend buying and preparing everything, eating out is more convenient especially for busy people.

  • Laziness, I used to eat chinese takeaways and KFCs all the time until I discovered a little thing called: getting of my fat lazy ***

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    It's fast and easy that's' why people eat out.

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    Two words: Fat & Lazy

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