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Can you boil or preheat an orange juice bought in can or in bottle?

I don't know maybe it must be stupid to ask but I want to preheat or if possible boil the orange juice that I bought in can and bottle ( Del Monte sweetened orange juice and Minute Maid pulpy orange).

Is it alright? Will boiling affect the taste or vitamins or some ingredients in the juice?

My sister has a cold and I know that orange juice can help you to heal faster, except that, juice in bottle or in can is not fresh and maybe it won't suffice the vitamins or nutrition needed? What do you think?

P.S. She's also taking her cold medicine, I just want her to get better faster.

Thank you!

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    Your ideas are good, but boiling any juice is going to produce a negative result as the taste will change and most vitamins will be damaged or destroyed by the heat, including the one you want most, which is Vitamin C.

    To get the juice warm, all you have to do is loosen the lid on the bottle and place it in a pan of hot water for about two minutes. That will warm it enough to remove the chill, but not damage the vitamins.

    Note that the juice may have been heated to about 160F before packing to pasteurize it, and then artificial vitamins were added to it at the packing facility, so it will not likely have the natural vitamin content of fresh fruit. Also, it is better to use non-sweetened juice as the extra sugars do nothing for anyone except add unwanted calories.

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    Why don't you pickup some fresh oranges at your grocery store and treat her to some freshly squeezed orange juice! You have a genuine love and concern for your sis, and this is a really nice gesture, plus nothing beats a taste of a fresh orange that is naturally packed in vitamins and goodness. Store bought juice has been over-processed and lost its native nutritional value. Pasteurization, handling, containing, aging has killed off what orange is all about! I promise she will recover much quicker, and that is what ur trying to achieve right? Valencia orange is still in late season, so pick those up! Don't worry about heating it, just keep the fruits in room temperature

    If you decide to use bottled juice as you mentioned; it can be boiled to your heart content, its junk to begin with. You can heat it gently by placing a glass of the juice into a container with hot water (just like the proper way to melt Chocolate), just stir the juice to heat it evenly

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    Of course you can boil it, the orange police will not come after you. Be careful it boils hotter than water because of all the sugars.

    No it won't help the cold, then again neither will and of the cold medicine either

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    No, I suggest don't do that. I guess it's harmful. If its cold keep for a while till it reaches room temperature.

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