What does K-Love stand for? The Christian station?

That says it

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  • 8 years ago
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    K-Love was originally a single radio station (KCLB) in Santa Rosa, CA. When the FCC lifted rules on radio station letters, it changed its name to KLVR and began using the phrase K-Love. It has since grown into a network of over 400 FM station all across the US. The "K" in the name comes from its California origin. All radio station to the east of the Mississippi use to begin with the letter W, while all station to the west began with "K".

  • 8 years ago

    Probably the call sign - something like "KLUV" or "KLVE" or a similar group of four letters - depends on which station you're hearing. Every broadcast station in the U.S. (and everywhere else, for that matter) has a unique call sign that it is required to use for identification so long as it is using the public airwaves. It's one of the few international agreements that actually works most of the time. If it's satellite radio, then it probably started as an ordinary broadcast station (i.e., everybody with a radio can pick it up) and kept the call sign because of what it sounds like. Many stations also use repeaters and transponders to broadcast over a VERY wide area - like an entire continent; they're required to use different frequencies in different areas, so that they don't monopolize one frequency completely. Public radio stations in particular use a lot of transponders because they tend to operate on low-power frequencies that can only cover comparatively small amounts of distance; high-power transmission and the equipment to do it is EXPENSIVE!

    Probably more than you ever wanted to know about radio, but there ya go.

    Source(s): Me - amateur operator KC0PAY :-)
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    K Luv Radio Station

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