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How can I get a double lid naturally?

I have two different eyes, my right one is a double lid and my left is a mono lid, I was born like that. I was wondering if I can get my left one to become a double lid without surgery, glue, tape, etc. because it's really ugly and noticeable when I smile or do eyeliner. Well it's really noticeable in general.

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    Double lid in one eye and single lids in the other eye is actually pretty for friend has that and i think it looks better than having double eyelids or single eyelids on both eyes...however, there is a guru i watch on the internet and she actually looks kinda creepy with the difference in the eyes...Pick which one you are.. if you look good like that i would leave it =p

    but if u want to change it, there are several ways to get it, however you cannot get a double lid "naturally"

    you can do surgery which you stated, you can also use eyelash dont need double lid tape or double lid glue..just use eyelash glue..its cheaper and easier to get a hold of. You can also fake a double lid by taking a matte brown eyeshadow and faking the crease..but it will be noticeable from up close, but from far away it will look natural

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