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Boy help and Basketball help!!?

Ok,if you read my question "Two questions in one" you will know that I like a boy. So,at the time that I posted that question,he didn't know I liked him. Now,I am almost positive that he does know. It all started at a football game...My friends were trying to get me to talk to him,and I was refusing,and one of my guy friends procedes to walk up to the guy I like and say "Hey,go get her number" and the guy I like said "I will on Monday"...That was about a month ago. Now, we kinda talk and he's been messing with me. I have made the girl's basketball team for the 3rd year and he is trying out this year...maybe we will bond over that...?

Ok as I said up there,I have made the basketball team for the 3rd year. Every year,I have had a different coach. My coach last year was actually my trainer,and we had a great season. This year we have an obese teacher as the coach -__-. Today was the first "official" practice,and my coach already hates me. I (not being cocky at all) am the best one on the team. Nobody has the handles that I have,nobody has the speed that I have-therefore,nobody compares. She still hates me. I don't even know why! Basketball is sooooo serious to me,that I was crying in fear that I wasn't going to play,and we were going to lose. If you knew me personally,you would know how much I HATE to lose. I just don't know to handle this coach. Please answer both. Please and thank you :)

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    So you like a boy and hoping if he try out for boys basketball team while you do for girls'. Yes you can bond together in activites but take it slow. It's not like you can get a boy friend overnight LOL. I met my girl friend through basketball. We met when were freshman then got together as a junior. Right now, we are together for 2 years.

    3 years of basketball experiences, that's good. If your trainer become a coach then that's good because you've met and your coach knows something in you. If you think your best, but let your game do the talking. Basketball is fun but serious too if you want to WIN. If you want to win so badly, you gotta work harder than you atcually do but under control.

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    It all will depend on who's your pal. What if this query was once like three years in the past and your pal who's on Varsity was once LeBron James. I say he has beautiful compeling argument. Or any men that went instantly from High School to tuition. I think there may be one proficient man within the Chicago field correct now gambling Center for his Varsity crew who's beautiful rattling well. I consider he'll move instantly to the Pros. Is that your pal? Then I say, he has a well danger on beating Lisa Leslie. His feedback continues to be sexist b/c now not all guys can beat females...however ordinarily, guys within the equal stage as females might quite often win. So if you're taking the highest defend in guys's tuition basketball or nba as opposed to the highest defend within the females's aspect perspectively, I might wager guys might win ninety nine.nine% of it. But for those who positioned the highest defend of the WNBA b/c the final guy at the bench for an NBA crew, that might be a well sport. But in case your pal can stroll the speak and again it up at the courtroom, he's correct. He can beat any person.

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    Okay first of all if you think handles and speed makes you the best makes absolutely no sense. There are tons of fast guys that are awful lol. What matters if you are EFFICIENT. And i dont get how the guy is gonna try out for girls bball? I probably misread something along the way.

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