I am really lost and need just a little bit of help and direction: question about Puritans. help me please!!!!?

Okay I have to discuss the tension between the paradox which was the Puritans acting as materialists in a material world and the Puritans exploring the New World using the excuse of religion to do what they were doing.

Basically in all of my readings by William Bradford, John Winthrop, John Smith, Anne Bradstreet, Mary Rowlandson and all of these famous Puritans I don't really see any of them talking about material goods. They are just talking about their religion and how they don't want to be like the Catholics. What is the deal here??? I don't know how I'm gonna argue this and I'm desperate! :(

How were the Puritans materialistic etc???? And I have to talk about at least TWO of the people I mentioned above to strengthen my argument.

PLease help and then I will answer your question if you post it! :) thanks!!!!

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    So the two people I would focus on here is John Smith and John Winthrop.Starting with John Smith, focus on the fact that he was both an explorer and soldier working for King James. His main mission, in order to please the king, was to colonize land and attain material goods that England could export. Think the Virginia colony; tobacco,etc. and the surrounding Chesapeake Bay area, and how they used/exploited the Native Americans to cultivate goods in order to produce profit.

    John Winthrop, as governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony, he sought to strip Native Americans of their land. He pretty much thought that "civilized" persons were entitled to "unclaimed" land of hunter gatherers. Winthrop also condoned slavery. Many Pequots, a tribe in Massachusetts, were traded for goods and African slaves.

    So if I would you, I would focus on colonization and the fight for land and goods. Puritanism was used as justification for the horrible means of survival in the New World.

    Source(s): Former history major
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