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My 1.5 old son has HFMD?

He has a fever accompanied with a blister on his tongue. Sometimes on his hand and foot also. I've looked at several websites no cure? I'm worried because he cries non stop and Im not sure how to treat it. Please any help is appreciated!

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    I've studied naturopathic medicine for 30 years & treated my whole family & some relatives, friends, the occasional acquaintance, stranger, neighbour. I've kept my family away from the doctor for years & kept all of us healthy with all sorts of alternative remedies, herbs, vitamins, etc. I'm going to tell you what I would do immediately for my own child & I know that this would help cure this viral infection. First of all, I'm sure you already know the preventative measures about cleanliness & how to prevent this from spreading & contaminating your family in the future. However, that doesn't help in the interim. My son is 17, not immunized, gone to a doctor maybe 3-4 times in his life, & followed all my treatments for his various health ailments...same with the others in my family. I've healed ulcers, stopped gallbladder attacks permanently, dissolved kidney stones, flus, assorted viral troubles, food poisoning, high cholesterol, phlebitis attack, bronchitis, sprains, migraines, I could go on & on. The reason I'm starting with all this is to show you perhaps that I might have some knowledge in all this. I know how careful you have to be just simply taking some stranger's word over the internet in the care of your young, sick child. I encourage you to do your own research of the information I am presenting here. So, here's the 3 things I would do. I would purchase oil of oregano, GSE & echinacea. First, let's discuss the purchasing. All 3 are available from the health food store. I buy 'Joy of the Mountain' brand of oil of oregano. I pay $23.99 for 30ml...but it is typically more expensive at most other health food stores. If you can't find that brand, another one is fine, so long as it is Mediterranean quality of oregano. The GSE stands for grapefruit seed extract. The brand to buy is NutriBiotic. It's about $18 for 4 oz. The echinacea which I use is called Echinaforce by A. Vogel brand. I believe it's around $18 for the 100 ml size. Now, how to administer. The oil of oregano is spicy...burns the tongue a bit. Get a tiny glass like a shot glass & add 2-3 inches of juice to disguise the flavour & have your son gulp it down, bypassing the taste buds quickly. I prefer a tiny glass because it is a thick liquid, administered via eye dropper & I find it clings to glass/plastic, so I prefer a tiny-based container. In fact, for adults I drip drops into the mouth (while they are holding a gulp of juice or water in their mouth) when my husband/son/whoever has their head tilted back, so none gets stuck on the glass. Of course, a little one might not be so cooperative. 3 drops per day for 5-6 days will be sufficient. The first day I would give 4 drops. The GSE....add it the same way to a little shot glass in juice. 5 drops for 5-6 days will again cure this. This is extremely bitter. Have him swallow quickly. The echinacea should be taken in a little water, & if possible, held in the mouth for 5 seconds to mix with the saliva. Not imperative for a little child. It tastes like alcohol, which extracts the active ingredient from the plant. I would administer 8-10 drops in one dose for 10-14 days. Do not administer aspirins for fever in a child ever. Your son will start to feel better within 2 days. How they work: oil of oregano & GSE are potent anti-bacterials, anti-virals & anti-parasitic Additionally, GSE is also an anti-fungal (ie. used for candida as well). GSE used to be used to disinfect hospital laundry. I use it in the wash to kill dust mites when cleaning the bedding. I also use GSE in a container to disinfect toothbrushes overnight, or sports mouth guards/ night mouth guards (used for night time teeth grinding). It has been used successfully to help malaria as well. Ecinacea works by increasing the white blood count of the blood, thereby allowing the body to fight off the offending contaminant on its own. It works best if used for 2 weeks to slowly build up the WBC count and then, the dose should be stopped, so that the body doesn't build up tolerance to it. This can be done several times a year if need be in cases of chronic bronchitis, or many other illnesses. Doing the echinacea twice a year at the turn of the seasons, protects against the flu. I have recommended the oil of o. plus GSE to numerous people who have travelled to the Caribbean, India, Africa..for extended periods of time. Simply taking 3-4 drops of the former and 5 drops of the latter preventatively, has protected against dysentery, food poisoning, so-called stomach flu (which is really just food poisoning). These items are useful to have in the medicine cabinet; however, if you can only afford one, I would purchase oil of oregano or GSE & just use one. Again, not necessary to use past 5 days as it works very quickly. If you wish to use it longer, cut the dose down after 5-6 days, and use it additionally for a few more days just to be sure. Good luck.

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