What will happen if I have a bad TPS sensor on a dodge stratus 2.4L engine.?

I done a water pump and timing belt. The car starts and the motor sounds good. But it won't idle? After I keep my foot on the gas for about 5 min or so and let off it sound like its going to stall and the revs back up and repeats itself. Can anyone tell me what's wrong with it??

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    About four or five years ago when the TPS failed on my '92 Dakota with a 3.9 V-6, the idle was a constant 1200-1500 RPM "most" of the time when engine was started, occasionally it would idle normally, about 700 RPM, but usually high. Throttle response was normal but idle was high and sometimes the truck would be hard to start. I replaced the TPS with a "new" one from a '92 Acclaim parts car, the "new" TPS is still on the truck and working properly.

    Disconnecting the battery will sometimes cause the computer to "forget" idle characteristics until it runs through several "start and stop" cycles. I wouldn't be too alarmed at the moment unless you can't drive the car due to stalling. I found "stalling at idle" to be a problem when I had the battery disconnected on a '97 Dakota for a couple of days, the problem corrected itself within five "start/stop cycles".

    Source(s): Fifty years of shadetree engineering, racing, and home auto repair, all Mopars mostly Dodges.
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    4 years ago

    If the belt broke, the engine is junk considering's maximum definately an interference engine. the only element that should reason a timing belt to break could be age, positioned on, warmth and friction. additionally the timing tensioner would have failed inflicting belt to fail additionally. check out approximately 3000 funds to get it replaced. And that doesn't comprise hard artwork.

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