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How to writ autobiography?

Wanting to write an autobiography any ideas on how to start it?

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    Autobiographies are usually written by famous people. And usually, they start off at the first memorable part of their life.

    How I suggest that you begin writing your autobiography: reflect. Think about your achievements in life, think about things you've lost, you've gained through hard times, etc.

    I know it sounds cliche...okay, super cliche. But what you're doing is writing a book about yourself. Therefore, like any other author, you're going to need to know your subject. I know it may sound crazy, but very rarely does someone know themselves as well as they may think.

    You should categorize these events, and I suggest by life stage.

    You can divide them into any categories you'd like. And if you can't remember too much from your earlier years, don't be afraid to ask family members to help you out a little bit. :)

    Okay, after all of that, you should be able to start the actual writing progress. Depending on what you want the mood to be of your autobiography, that is how you'll start. If you want it to be lighthearted or funny, start with a funny story/event. Or you could start with your early achievements.

    In the end, it all comes up to you. You're the only one who has ever lived your life. If you want some real hardcore help, you can read some autobiographies for some examples.

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    Start w/ English a hundred and one. You want a few support w/ spelling and grammer. I'll admit, mine is not that first-class, however then, I am now not seeking to write a booklet. You could additionally try to take a typing or computor elegance additionally. Otherwise there are a few web sites available in the market for humans to put in writing reports on, now not definite wherein, however I recognise any person who does it.

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    The moment in time where your life changed so drastically, you think it's worth an autobiography already.

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