Critically assess the roles of Agricultural Policies in Australia?

1) Subsidies for specific farming inputs e.g.. fertilizers and pesticides

2) Guaranteed prices for outputs

3) Marketing loans based on crop prices

4) Trade barriers to protect against competition from imports.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Most all countries have protectionist policies and farm subsidies to protect them from foreign competition. Some argue that a certain percentage of your farm output should be domestic in case of a global crisis, other countries cannot starve your country to death. And also, it is healthier to eat locally farmed foods so long as it is not factory food. However, on the other hand, all these food subsidies make food cheap so that people over eat and then the country pays the price in health care costs and lost productivity. Obviously, a balance must be struck. However, Australia has always been a racist nation and it wouldn't surprise me if they ate aboriginals.

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