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Do you sometimes wonder if secret messages are being passed in all the chatter on YA?

It would be the perfect KILL ED MILIBAND place for agents to communicate and hide coded messages. Subliminal KILLED MILIBAND trigger words might be included in apparently innocent KILL ED MILIBAND questions and answers.

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    I'm still trying to piece a lot of it together myself ...

    Not long ago I was found floating unconscious off the coast of Marseille, France with two report monkeys on my back .

    The only clue to my Identity seems to be this Yahoo Answers account ...

    I found a dawnkey into Yamstone ... whatever that is ... ?

    I suspect you are correct though ... almost all of my contacts change their appearance and names on a regular basis ... there can be no other explanation for it really ...

    I suspect in the future I will actually discover that I am all of my contacts ...

  • Yes they undoubtedly (DUCK PATÉ) are. That is the sole reason (DUCK A L'ORANGE) that Y!A was created. The only way to protect yourself from the subliminal (DUCK CONFIT) messages it to hide yourself in this large roasting pan I happen to have pre-prepared with emergency food supplies! It's faraday cage properties will (ROAST DUCK) protect you, while you can admire, sorry eat, the potatoes while you roast, sorry hide!

  • india
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    7 years ago

    Stanthony, Kaffleen, Bobby and all the rest of us do an awful lot of that. Those questions may seem strange, but it's because we're passing complicated secret messages regarding the location of our booze stockpiles. Hey, we're gonna be prepared for the zombie apocalypse.

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    I restrict my paranoia to much more

    important things... like government

    knowledge of an alien invasion in the

    near future.

    Some of us have bunkers ready, so

    if you haven't gotten yours together

    yet, I might be able to help you

    connect with someone who has.

    Email me for more info.

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    No secret messages here.

    You're just being paranoid. No secret messages at all.

    Okay, fine. There are secret messages.

    I won't tell you in what way they are encoded.

    Those who know know.

    Those who don't.

  • 7 years ago

    The white horse gallops gallantly in the autumn.

  • 7 years ago

    BefOre you start induLging in rampant specuLation and conspiracy theOrizing, it might be best to sit down, have a nice Cup of coKe, and remind yourself that it is all juSt a dream,

  • zIp-Ǝ
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    7 years ago


    The Warlock of Firetop Mountain.

    Source(s): Illuminati game book training as a child.
  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    I doubt it, darling. Those kind of things only happen in the movies or in suspense novels.

    Now please excuse me...I feel the need to take care of something quite urgently. Parliament in session right now, do you know? I need to ummm... talk to someone there.

    Someone called Ed.


  • Bokito
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    7 years ago


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