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Solar Energy cost-- kwh and watt conversion?

My family and I are looking into solar panels for our home. But I'm unsure how it would be priced. This month our home used 1,623 kwh. The solar panel company said we should expect $6-$9 per watt used. What would that put as at?

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    you used 1623 kw-hr per month which is about 54 KW-hr every day. Without know exactly where you live and the amount of sun you receive I can not give 100% correct answers. But this is close enough.

    On the average Yo can expect to get the equivalent of 4.5 hours of sun at full output from a solar panel. That means in order to supply all your energy you need 25 kw-hr/4.5 hours or 12 kw. 12 kw is 12,000 watts. your power companys says its costs $6 to $9 per watt so a system will cost you $72,000 to $108,000 CASH. After some rebates and such you might get it down to $50,000 to $70,000.

    If you look at your bill the cost of the power is about $200 per month. divide $60,000 average by 200 and you get 300 months or 25 years. In that time the panels will have to be replaced and you will not be able to go to college because your parents spent all your college money on solar panels. Unless you can go there for 25 years spending $200 per month that they save each month on the power bill.

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    I suggest you visit solar panel company's and ask for a solar panel quote just to be sure you will be getting the right values according to your needs and your budget.

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