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My hermit crab is de-stressing in shell grit!!?

My hermit crab is half buried in shell grit! Is this okay? I have got mostly play sand 3/4 of the tank and only 1/4 is shell grit( just so the water and food bowls can sit on top of the shell grit)

But now he is de -stressing in it! Will he be okay? Should I move him or leave him??

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  • Cheryl
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    7 years ago
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    i don't think you should be using shell grit which is basically ground up shells ... if that is kept damp, it is going to start to stink ... and the tiny pieces can get into the crabs shell and cause him to leave his shell ... if it were my crab i would leave him be for the moment but the second he leaves that stuff, clean it out and replace with sand ... there are two substrates you can use, sand and/or coconut fibre ... and if you put the shell grit in so the crabs would not put sand in the water, that is just something crabs do ... but if you change the water at least every other day it won't matter if there is some sand in the water ... and be sure the sand in the tank is at least four inches deep ...

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