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who was nixons 2 head staff?

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    I think US presidents have a team of advisors. Regardless...

    Vice President: Spiro T. Agnew (1969-73); Gerald R. Ford (1973-74)


    - Secretary of State

    William P. Rogers (1969-73)

    Henry A. Kissinger (1973-74)

    - Secretary of the Treasury

    David M. Kennedy (1969-70)

    John B. Connally, Jr. (1971-72)

    George P. Schultz (1972-74)

    William E. Simon (1974)

    - Secretary of Defense

    Melvin R. Laird (1969-72)

    Elliot L. Richardson (1973)

    James R. Schlesinger (1973-74)

    - Attorney General

    John N. Mitchell (1969-72)

    Richard G. Kleindienst (1972-73)

    Elliot L. Richardson (1973)

    William B. Saxbe (1974)

    - Postmaster General

    Winton M. Blount (1969-71)

    - Secretary of the Interior

    Walter J. Hickel (1969-70)

    Rogers C. B. Morton (1971-74)

    - Secretary of Agriculture

    Clifford M. Hardin (1969-71)

    Earl L. Butz (1971-74)

    - Secretary of Commerce

    Maurice H. Stans (1969-72)

    Peter G. Peterson (1972)

    Frederick B. Dent (1973-74)

    - Secretary of Labor

    George P. Schultz (1969-70)

    James D. Hodgson (1970-72)

    Peter J. Brennan (1973-74)

    - Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare

    Robert H. Finch (1969-70)

    Elliot L. Richardson (1970-73)

    Caspar W. Weinberger (1973-74)

    - Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

    George W. Romney (1969-72)

    James T. Lynn (1973-74)

    - Secretary of Transportation

    John A. Volpe (1969-73)

    Claude S. Brinegar (1973-74)

    I'm not from the USA so have no idea of Nixon had any two "head staff" unless you mean John Ehrlichman and John Dean.

    John Daniel Ehrlichman (March 20, 1925 – February 14, 1999) was counsel and Assistant to the President for Domestic Affairs under President Richard Nixon. He was a key figure in events leading to the Watergate first break-in and the ensuing Watergate scandal, for which he was convicted of conspiracy, obstruction of justice and perjury. He served a year and a half in prison for his crimes.


    John Wesley Dean III (born October 14, 1938) served as White House Counsel to United States President Richard Nixon from July 1970 until April 1973. In this position, he became deeply involved in events leading up to the Watergate burglaries and the subsequent Watergate scandal cover-up. He was referred to as "master manipulator of the cover up" by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). He pleaded guilty to a single felony count in exchange for becoming a key witness for the prosecution. This ultimately resulted in a reduced prison sentence, which was served at Fort Holabird outside Baltimore, Maryland.


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