When should I talk to a Marine Recruiter?

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A few weeks ago i turned 16 and i am a junior and i was wondering when should i talk to a recruiter and in a few months i will take the ASVAB test at my school should i see him before ...show more
Update : if you guys say before or after please explain why
Update 2: Unexpected coming from a Army guy but thank you Private First Class. and ...show more
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Talk to a recruiter Now. You can't enlist yet, but you can start the process now. Start getting in shape start learning about the marines and ask what the Marine Corps has to offer. If he's a good recruiter he will be happy to start working with you now. The more time they have with you the better. Don't wait. Also if you go onto the Marine Core official website, and click on send me info about joining the Marine Corps, the Recruiter will come find you to talk about joining. Instead of you calling and setting up appointments and all that. Anyways hope I helped.


Army PFC
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  • Ed answered 2 years ago
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