What songs have sampled Ghostface Killah's "Mighty Healthy?"?

I got the Cruel Summer record yesterday, "New God Flow" has a refrain sampling Ghostface's "Mighty Healthy": "Shake that body party that body." I know there is another notable hip-hop song that has used a similar sample, more emphasis on "Shake that body, party that body, know what I'm sayin, sayin, sayin?" but I cannot for the life of me think of what it is. Can anyone help?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Rules by Wu-Tang Clan (2001)

    The Wiggle by Time Machine (2004)

    Mighty Healthy / That's Me (MF Doom Special Blend) by MF Doom (2004)

    Be Easy by Ghostface Killah feat. Trife (2006)

    Return of the Ironman by Ghostface Killah (2006)

    Time and Place by Marco Polo feat. Edo G (2007)

    Mighty Crazy by J. Cole (2007)

    Throw Ya Handz Up by Al Niks (2010)

    Mighty Healthy (Tom Caruana Remix) by Wu-Tang Clan (2010)

    New God Flow by Pusha T and Kanye West (2012)

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    Ghostface Killah Mighty Healthy

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    Mighty Healthy Lyrics

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