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how to replace wires going to tps sensor on 97 f150 v6?

I've replaced the tps and is still throwing low voltage code and now engine has problems starting after sitting for a while. I believe the wires are the culprit. How would I go about replacing them! Now other sensors are bad so it would only be the positive on the tps or the ground perhaps after the last split.


Dpfe? Is that the same as tps? Cuz i already replaced it.

Update 2:

And i meant *no* other sensors are bad or arent throwing codes atleast.

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    The TPS should have nothing to do with the engine starting. It only regulates engine RPM. Also, aftermarket auto parts store parts are not the same quality as Ford/Motorcraft parts. You may have gotten a defective sensor.

    If you didn't reset the computer it will still give the code. Disconnect the battery for 15 minutes and then hook it back up to erase the codes in the computer. It should also erase itself after driving it a while.

    It is possible that the TPS socket/pigtail is no good. They sell them at most auto parts stores and are a simple cut and crimp job.

    You might have a bad ground somewhere. Check all the grounds and see if they are making a good connection especially on the battery terminals. Sand the cable ends and the battery posts until they are shiny. Remember, it's also starting to get cold and that's when weak batteries show themselves. If the battery is more than 4 or 5 years old then it may be time for a new one. Have it load tested to make sure.

    The DPFE is the Differential Pressure Feedback Exhaust sensor and it is part of the EGR system. It measures pressure in the EGR and keeps the valve from letting too much exhaust into the system. It has nothing to do with the TPS and will not keep a vehicle from starting either. It will make a car run rough and you will get terrible MPG like if an O2 sensor goes bad.

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    1. Lift the hood and locate the DPFE sensor, which mounts to the side of the EGR assembly, just above the fuel rail near the throttle body on the passenger side of the engine. The sensor is either silver or black and rectangular in shape.

    2. Remove the first hose from the old DPFE and plug it into the corresponding port on the new DPFE. Remove the second hose and transfer it to the new DPFE as well.

    3. Disconnect the wiring harness from the old DPFE by hand. Remove the bolt holding the DPFE in place with the socket set. Pull the old sensor out by hand.

    4. Bolt the new DPFE into position using the socket set and connect the wiring harness to it by hand.

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