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Is Ji-Sung Park famous in Korea?

He is a football player who used to play for Manchester United.

Im asking because I heard that Football(soccer) in Korea isnt very popular as it seems.

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    Football is becoming really popular in Korea. Ever since 2002 world cup, football has been gaining in popularity. And everybody knows Park Ji Sung.

    Korea is better at baseball but it's actually football made Korea more famous. Because of Cha Bum Kun. Cha Bun Kun is the legendary player from Korea who played in Bundesliga in the 70s. He was the best ever. Even better than Park Ji Sung. Way better. He played like 301 games and scored 98 goals as a winger.

    You see the Korean mens Olympic team got the bronze medal? Those kids grew up watching 2002 squad and hoped to become footballers. 2006 world cup squad was way worse than 2002 squad but 2010 they had better squad than 2002. Defense was bad but mid fielders and forwards were alot better. and I think 2014 will have even better squad than both 02 and 10. Even though Park Ji Sung and Lee Young Pyo retired from international football.

    I think baseball is slowing dying and football is inclining in terms of popularity because the #1 internet sports forum in Korea is actually football forum.


    Oh, I forgot to include that, in Park Ji Sung's hometown, there is a street named after his name. He is that popular. I think he is actually little bit more popular than Ahn Jung Hwan.

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    Ji-Sung Park is really really popular. i'm sure there's no one who doesn't know about him in korea.

    Women usually don't watch football games unless it's something like world cup or olympic BUT so many guys are just crazy about football.

    EPL is very popular, it's broadcast live here and a large number of people watch it even though the games usually start at 11pm-3am in korean time.

    K-league also has many fans but not as many as epl korean fans. (It's a shame.)

    Well anyway koreans sure love football :)

    Source(s): I'm a girl btw lol
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    Ji-Sung Park is crazy popular in south Korea.

    there was a documentary made on him about his rise to fame in Korea and how he got his start.

    he was on 3 running man episodes.....running man is a very popular Korean tv show.

    soccer in korea is the top sport out there!

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    Park Jisung I watna bwa nan badji chuk gureseun

    Haha E.L.F forever! :P Yes he is very very very very famous.

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    he's a demi...

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